We’re a couple of months away from welcoming a new year. So, here’s a list of November celebrations you should know before ending the year with your team!

As the 11th month of the year, November gives us a variety of celebrations that are undeniably worth the cheer! Apart from Thanksgiving Day and Veterans Day, November is also a month to celebrate the history and heritage of National Native American Heritage Month. Moreover, it is also a month of different awareness and observances to acknowledge and celebrate!

1. National Native American Heritage Month

Each year in November, the National Native American Heritage Month celebrates their rich history, diversity, and their contributions to the nation’s first community. It is a celebration to honor the relationship and commitment between the American Indians and Alaskan Natives. Find out how you can celebrate it here.

2. National Recycling Week, November 7-13

Each year in November since 1996, Planet Ark, an Australian environmental organization, provides and shares awareness about the importance of recycling in society. From schools, councils, organizations, and even individuals, the group aims to further the awareness of recycling. It is also believed that the idea of recycling was already accepted even in the 1900s, especially during the war. In the present time, recycling plays a vital role in protecting and keeping our space a better place to live in. As a small business, we believe in the impact of following a sustainable reusing habit. As the new quarter unfolded, we are happy to introduce Furoshiki– an environmentally sustainable wrapping method of Japanese heritage. Introduce your team to the intention of Furoshiki through our virtual experience where we will teach you the different techniques of fabric-wrapping that are functional to everyday living.

3. Dia De Los Muertos, November 2

Dia De Los Muertos or Day of The Dead of Mexican culture is one of the most popular celebrations in Mexico. Well, this Day of The Dead is also commemorated in different parts of the world, especially in countries with major Catholic populations. Traditionally, people celebrate by visiting their departed loved ones’ graves together with their families to pray, feast, play music, and put up their photos on their tombs in memory of them.

Sugar Skulls in Mexico are very popular. In fact, it is a symbol of Dia De Los Muertos as it represents the dead. But people have found a more interesting take on it where they are colorfully painted and made into decorations. Even though it’s way past the celebration, you and your team can still learn skull painting through Kits by Demand exclusive virtual team-building activity. Craft your own sugar skull that you can place in any space to give it a pop of color and element!

4. Japanese Culture Day, November 3

November 3 is an important day as Japanese people celebrate Culture Day. It is established by the constitution of Japan as their national holiday. Also known as “Bunka no Hi,” the day is celebrated to honor and pay respect to their culture, arts, and academia.

There is a list of ideas to celebrate this day and we’ve got unique ones. Discover more about Japan's exquisite culture and arts in our Japa