Updated: Oct 25

Are you ready to celebrate a month full of fun & learning? Here we will help you discover, grow & boost your team’s morale while exploring Hispanic Heritage!

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

a banner inspired by hispanic elements. patterns, with hispanic people

Hispanic Heritage month is celebrated from September 15 to October 15. In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Hispanic heritage Week into law. Then, some 1988, President Ronald Reagan expanded it into a month-long celebration. The Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15 because this is considered the Independence Day for 5 Spanish-speaking countries, namely El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Today, we participate in this month-long celebration of Hispanic culture by enjoying festivals, concerts, parades, and more! But how can we take part in this colorful celebration online? Here are 4 engaging Hispanic Heritage Month activities that the whole team can enjoy even in a remote or virtual setting:

1. Have a Virtual Lunch

kits by food craft hot sauce making virtual class with dried mexican chili peppers like jalapeno & costeno peppers. homemade syrups. mixed nuts and peas, garlic, chili powder, laptop showing a bowl with hot sauces, a recipe card, and a spatula under a towel

One of the most popular, fun, and fulfilling ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month is having a virtual lunch centered on traditional Hispanic dishes! You can host a light cooking class with your coworkers with Kits by Food Craft Hot Sauce Making featuring high-quality Mexican chili peppers to give your team an authentic and truly memorable experience!

For starters, pick the team’s favorite, tacos or chilaquiles! What better way to celebrate this historic month than with new learning and a full stomach?

2. Have a Virtual Book Club

After feeding your body, it’s time to feed your brain - start a Hispanic Heritage Month Virtual Book Club! What could be more engaging than having each team member enjoy the creative works of Hispanic authors?

You can vote on a book you all want to read or have each team member receive a customized surprise kit with a “mystery book” they must finish within the month. Then, to wrap the Hispanic Heritage Month, you can all hop on a video call and discuss what you learned. We found a list of best-selling Hispanic-inspired books of different genres, from romance and horror to non-fiction.

Here is some discussion prompts:

  • What have you learned while reading this book?

  • What stuck with you the most?

  • What message was the author trying to convey?

3. Get Crafty!