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New subscribers to Crafter Club can receive a $200 credit towards their first subscription. This credit applies to any subscription tier, whether monthly or quarterly, and must be used by the end of 2024. This offer is valid for the first 10 subscribers only.

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New Subscribers Only: Available exclusively for new subscribers

Subscription Tiers: Applicable to any tier. Including monthly and quarterly plans.

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1. Sign Up: Meet our customer success manager for any questions and to find the best plan for your remote team. Choose your preferred subscription tier(monthly or quarterly).

​2. Apply Credit: The $200 credit will be automatically deducted from the total subscription cost.

3. Complete the Purchase: Finalize your purchase and answer questions to set up your virtual event.

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Validity Period: The $200 credit must be used by December 31, 2024.

One-Time Use: This can only be applied once per new subscriber.

Non-Transferable: This cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.

No Cash Value: Cannot be exchanged for cash.

Plan Flexibility: Upgrades or downgrades can be made before the 6th day of the month of the billing cycle. The $200 credit applies only to the first subscription payment.

Contact Crafter Club customer support at for any issues or questions regarding the promotion.

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