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Our multicultural team at Kits by Food Craft is dedicated to sharing fulfillment with our guests. Each of our hosts and instructors is skilled & professionally vetted to guide the various experiences we offer. With their love for food, drinks, crafts, and a vision to promote cultural awareness, our team always looks forward to bringing joy & connection to the world!

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Hello, I'm Deanna! I’m passionate about being impassioned. I love to learn, experiment with, and become engrossed with new interests, the latter happening nearly daily. It’s impossible to choose just one!! This is exactly why I love instructing/hosting classes! I get to bring new experiences and knowledge to our guests, and I love seeing how surprised and proud they are of what they created!

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My name is Allen, I am a proud Filipina chef. Cooking and recipe building has always been my passion. This is why I enjoy my role at Food Craft as the creative director. I get to experiment on seasonal ingredients while promoting the culture of other nation. I feel excited and happy whenever I have a class because it gives me the opportunity to meet new people and share my practical experiences. I feel proud whenever I see our guests light up when they create something new! This keeps me inspired!

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Hello! My name is Sandra and I am passionate about cooking and learning specific ingredients that heal and benefit the body. I love making cooking time a ritual and setting intentions with herbs that add magic to the meal! I also love gardening, learning about cultures, and connecting with people. We all have unique way of doing things and I love hearing about other people's experience and perspectives in life. Coming together through virtual classes feels like a true blessing and a beautiful use of modern-day technology. 



Meet our experienced and passionate hosts and instructors as they share their craft 

Kits by Food Craft - Charlotte Mulligan.jpeg


Through Cookie Decorating, Moss Wall Art, Suminagashi

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Through Suminagashi, Sushi Rolling & Cocktails and Mocktails

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Through Chai Master Class, Henna & Culture, Indian Cooking

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