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as of MARCH 1, 2024

Event Booking and Kit Orders

Event Booking

Process of reserving your event date & time and completing guest registration.


Expedited Event

Bookings made with less than a 10-business-day lead time indicate last-minute reservations.

  • International guests will not be accepted.

  • Event confirmation is subject to host and instructor availability. 

  • Guest registrations will be considered as Late Domestic Registrations.


View Only Events

Facilitated events with no-shipped kits.

  • The facilitating fee starts at $500/event.

  • Subject to host and instructor availability.

  • A shopping list will be shared with your team.


Kits Only

Experiences and curated items for enjoyment in your own time.

  • Written or video instructions are included.

  • The option to customize kits is available.

Guest Registration 

Guest Registration

Collection of shipping information through forms and spreadsheets provided by Kits by Food Craft.


Registration Lead Time

  • All Shipments (Domestic and International)

    • Complete registration 10 business days before the event by 3:00 PM EST.

  • Additional Lead Time (150 guests +) 

    • For events with 150 guests or more. registrations must be completed 15 business days from your event date, no later than 3:00 PM EST.


Late Domestic Registrations 

Guest address registrations under 10 business days (excluding events with 150+ guests, which need 12 business days).

  • International shipment is not allowed.

  • Expedited shipment is required starting at $20/kit. See Shipping Policy.

International Registration and Shipments

Important disclaimers:

  • The receiver’s phone number and email address are required for all international shipments.

  • Carriers may request identification cards to release shipments, and delayed response may result in delayed kit delivery and abandonment without a refund.

For shipment restrictions, review the international shipment disclaimer here.

Guest Registration Form and Sheet Template

Kits by Food Craft recommends using provided forms and templates. If the event organizer opts for their own, they must verify and ensure all addresses are up-to-date and accurate. 


Incorrect and Incomplete Addresses

Guests are accountable for providing accurate addresses. Incorrect or incomplete entries, like missing apartment numbers, are subject to a fee.


Handling Guest Registration

When utilizing our forms, our team will manage the registration. You can choose to access it directly or receive updates via email.

Change in Guests Registration 

  • Address updates before shipment are allowed.

  • Once the package is shipped, changing the address incurs a fee starting at $25.

  • Package interception is not possible if it’s out for delivery.

  • Paying the fee doesn't guarantee timely delivery before scheduled events; reshipping is advised.

  • Original shipments, if returned, are not eligible for a refund.


Prepaid Event

Event credits bought in advance for upcoming engagements.

  • Credits are non-refundable but can be applied to future events within the year or purchase. 



Initial payment is made as part of the total cost of a product or service.

  • Non-refundable but can be used as credit.

  • The first 8 kits must be paid to reserve the date and time of your event.

  • Must be paid by credit card except for bookings and orders placed through purchase order with wire transfers.


Credit Card Processing Fee

A fee for processing credit card transactions by a payment processor.

  • A 3% credit card processing fee if settled through a credit card. 

  • Wire transfers are not subject to credit card processing fees.


After Hours Facilitation Surcharge

Events that are scheduled between 10 PM and 7 AM EST.

  • An additional +$100/event will be added to be paid to your hosts and instructors.


Late Payments

Payment made 3 days after the invoice date.

  • Overdue payment will be charged 5% of the total invoice amount.

  • Events must be paid fully before the event to avoid rescheduling or event cancellation.



Service fee added to be distributed with the entire Food Craft team.

  • A minimum auto gratuity starts at 10% of the total amount of kits, upgrades, and add-ons (excluding shipping and import fees) and is reflected on the second invoice.


Sales Tax

Government fee on goods/services, collected at the point of sale.

  • Live virtual experiences with hosts and instructors are educational and, thus exempt from sales tax.

  • Kits only orders are subject to sales tax.

Your Live Experience

Virtual Meeting Platform

A digital space designed for hosting and facilitating online events and meetings.

  • Google Meet is our official hosting platform. However, you may use other platforms such as Zoom or Teams.

  • Meeting Links & Calendar Invites

  • Event organizers can create their own calendar invitations and meeting links and invite the host & instructor through or

  • Kits by Food Craft to create calendar invitations with meeting links and invite all the registrants.


Internet Connectivity and Meeting Link Issues

At each event, three Food Craft representatives— a host, an instructor, and support—ensure seamless coordination. The host usually contacts the event organizer 30 minutes before the event for alignment. If all representatives are unavailable, please contact us immediately at 347-652-2143.


Pre-Event Requirements

Checklist of essential tools and steps before the event.

  • Minimal pre-event instructions are provided in the kit and via email for the event organizer to share with guests.

  • A brief meeting 15 minutes before the experience with the event organizer is requested; please grant host access during this time.

Post Event Resources

Essential assets in extended learning and recreation of the experience.

  • Recipe cards, video tutorials, and team photos will be shared with the event organizer.

  • We reserve the right to recipe cards and video tutorials. 

Data Security and Event Privacy 

Private Event Entry Options

Access the booked live event in one of the following ways:

  • Exclusive Access: Reserved for the Food Craft team and registered guests.

  • Viewing Option: Unregistered guests can experience the event for a fee of $15 per device.


Recordings and Photography

Any video and photo capture during the event.

  • Recording of live events is not allowed except for custom or Kits by Demand events.

  • Reproducing copies of the recipes and video tutorials is prohibited. 

  • No public team photos will be posted without consent.

  • Photos and videos of our hosts and instructors facilitating the event can be used for marketing purposes.


Shipping Addresses 

Information collected during guest registration.

  • Shipping addresses are removed from our system within 2 weeks after your event.

Registered Guests Communication

Essential in the following scenarios

  • Carrier Verification: Required for international recipients, ensuring a secure and verified delivery process.

  • Shipping Address Issues: Necessary in cases of incorrect or incomplete shipping addresses.

  • Post-Event Resolution: Required for addressing missing or broken items reported during and after the event.

  • Newsletter and Outreach Subscriptions: Guests will receive promotional emails if they subscribe to the newsletter and outreach programs.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

Cancellation and Rescheduling Process

  • To cancel or reschedule an event, contact

  • Rescheduling is subject to the host & instructor’s availability.

  • No refunds on shipped kits.


Event Cancellations

Terms when an event organizer decides to cancel a booking or participation in an event.

  • More than 21 business days before the event: 100% Refund; Down payment will be refunded as credit.

  • Within 11 to 20 business days before the event: 50% Partial Refund.

  • Within 10 business days before the event: No Refund.


Event Rescheduling of Event Date & Time

Change in the original event booking date and time.

  • More than 10 business days before the event: Free.

  • Within 6 to 10 business days before the event: $150.

  • Within 2 hours to 5 business days before the event: $300.


Rescheduling with No Fee

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, like valid emergencies or substantial kit delays, if both the event organizer and Kits by Food Craft agree to reschedule, no rescheduling fee will be applied.


No-Show Events

Events with zero guests attendees during scheduled events.

  • No refund and rescheduling for events with no-show events.

  • As a courtesy, our team will wait 15 minutes past the event time before ending the live event.

Shipping Fees Per Kit

Domestic Standard Registrations

Guest registration within a standard lead time of 10 business days and 15 business days for 150+ guests.

  • Free - All shipments, excluding Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.

  • $20/kit - All shipments to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.


Late Domestic Registration Fees

Guest registrations under 10 business days and 15 business days for 150+ guests.

  • $20/kit - Ground Shipments: 7 - 9 business days before the event. 

  • $40/kit - 2nd Day Air Shipments: 4 - 6 business days before the event.

  • $75/kit - Overnight Shipments: 2 - 3 business days before the event. 


All International Registrations

Kits are shipped to countries outside the United States.

  • $30/kit - Canada 

  • $50/kit - Other countries excluding Brazil and Romania

  • $80/kit - Brazil and Romania


Remote Area Surcharge

For locations in remote areas internationally, shipping costs may exceed the standard rates mentioned above. The kit will only be processed with the adjusted international shipping fee after obtaining approval from the event organizer. 


International Custom and Import Fees

Costs for cross-border shipment compliance.

  • Shipments may be subject to customs and import fees. Review it here.

  • Kits by Food Craft is enrolled in auto-payment of custom fees. Recipients won't incur any charges for these payments upon receiving them.

See UPS Alert Page and USPS Alert Page for service updates. 

Track Your Package

Guest Tracking Information

Guests are asked to submit a valid email address during the registration, where automated shipping notifications and tracking numbers will be sent. 


Kit Tracking Issues

For any kit issues, report it immediately to  


Tracking Status of Entire Group

The event organizers will receive a tracking status of all kits at least 48 hours before the event.


International Tracking

Carriers may contact the guests for additional verification. Late or no response will cause a delay in the kit shipment and abandonment without a refund.


Failed Delivery Attempt 

Unsuccessful delivery due to unresponsiveness, lack of secure location for delivery, incorrect or incomplete address.



  • Guests with delivery issues have five (5) business days to schedule a redelivery or pick-up at their local post office.

  • Unclaimed kits within the time frame will be returned to the shipper without a refund or free re-delivery.


  • Guests with delivery issues typically have five (5) business days to pick up at their local post office.

  • Our team promptly emails any issues, including the final pickup day.

  • Unclaimed kits within this timeframe will be abandoned without refund or redelivery.

Kit Delivery Issues

Prompt Kit Resolution

If your kit arrives damaged, lost in transit, or contains incorrect items, we'll promptly reship a replacement at no cost. To ensure delivery before the event, report the issue within 72 hours before the scheduled event date.


Delayed Kits

Our commitment is to deliver kits to guests 48 hours before the event. In rare instances of delays due to unforeseen circumstances, we'll creatively ensure an inclusive experience for guests even if their kits are delayed.


Unresponsive International Guests

Carriers are mandated to contact international guests for delivery scheduling or additional identification verification. In cases of unresponsiveness, delays in kit delivery may occur. Our team is unable to intervene or be held responsible.


Reshipment Insurance Fee 

An optional $5 fee provides free reshipment for missing packages marked as delivered.


Uninsured Missing Packages

As a small business, we don't reship automatically. We are happy to assist you in filing a report with the carrier. A fee would apply without reshipment insurance.


Domestic Reshipment Fees

Due to uninsured missing packages and incorrect or incomplete addresses. Choose one depending on how soon your event is:

  • $35/kit: Ground Shipments: 7 - 9 business days before the event.

  • $50/kit:  2nd Day Air Shipments: 4 - 6 business days before the event

  • $75 - Overnight Shipments: 2 - 3 business days before the event 


International Reshipment Fees

Expedited shipping is not available. Reshipment does not guarantee timely delivery before the event date. We may explore alternative kits or materials on Amazon to ensure timely receipt for the event

  • $35/kit + International shipping fee & import fee: See here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out – we're here to assist you!

Event Booking and Kit Orders
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