Updated: Sep 14

Hispanic Heritage Celebration

How much do you know about Hispanic Heritage Month?

While Lyndon B. Johnson actually began the tradition as Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968, the observation was expanded by Ronald Regan twenty years later to run for an entire month (woohoo!). Therefore, as of August 17th 1988, it has been an enacted law that this time be nationally dedicated to the celebration and appreciation of Hispanic cultures.

US Presidents

This year, and every year since ‘88, National Hispanic Heritage Month will officially be kicking off on September 15th and will run through October 15th. The start date marks a significant day for five Latin American countries - Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua - because it is the anniversary of their collective independence (double woohoo!!) from Spain. In fact, at least four other Latin American countries including Mexico and Chile have their independence day during September! In honor of all this delicious freedom, the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration runs from September all the way through the middle of October. So let’s get down to celebrating and bring some awareness to this fabulous occasion.