Hot Sauce Making Class - Hot Sauce Trio
Dried Jalapeño Peppers
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Homemade sauces using Mexican peppers


includes 1 hour live demonstration, materials, domestic shipping & taxes.


Bring everyone together for a live Hot Sauce Making virtual experience with kits delivered worldwide. Join a light cooking event creating fiery & addictive homemade hot sauce recipes to best pair with any meal or snack. Plus learn tips & tricks, amazing fun facts about Mexican chili peppers. 

Your Menu

  • Smoked Jalapeño

  • Ginger Mango Costeño

What's Inside the Kit

  • Smoked Jalapeño Peppers

  • Bird's Beak Chili Peppers

  • Costeño Chili Peppers

  • Mango Syrup

  • Fresh Garlic

  • Ginger-Cayenne Blend

  • Rice Vinegar

  • Cumin & Ginger Powder

  • Rice Cracker as a Snack

  • Pair of Gloves

  • Hot Sauce Containers

Guest to Provide

Kitchen Utensils

  • 2 x Tablespoon

  • 1 x Kitchen Knife

  • 1 x Chopping Board

  • 2 x Medium Microwave Safe Bowl

  • 1 x Medium Pot or Kettle


Kitchen Equipment

  • Blender or Small Food Processor


  • 2 tsp Table Salt


Access to

  • Sink

  • Stove or Microwave

  • Running Water

  • Paper Towels


  • Do I need to have a blender to participate?

    • We do recommend a blender or food processor but if there’s no available on hand, you can use a mortar & pestle or a knife will do!

  • Can you ship this internationally?

    • Yes, we can! However, due to customs restrictions, we ship the kits without the garlic.