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Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Have you ever wished to wander the streets of Mexico? Let us give you a glimpse of it in this blog, exploring its heritage!

alley in mexico in the background

Officially a United Mexican State, Mexico is located in southern part of North America. It is a country with vast lands, home to the world’s greatest cuisine, drinks, arts, and sceneries, a favorite tourist destination, and a country with an interesting history and heritage. Mexico is all about fun, and here’s what you need to know!

Food That Made Mexico

Mexican food is one of the world’s most influential and popular cuisine. In many parts of the world, people will always find authentic Mexican food chains or even street food. Mexicans pride themselves on the ancient roots of their cuisine dating back thousands of years during the time of the Mayans and Aztecs.

Corn, avocados, tomatoes, and chili peppers are top-tier ingredients that are always incorporated into every dish. And did you know that chocolates (cacao) originated in Mexico? Check out a few foods of the Mexican pride:

1. Enchilada

enchilada in an oval bowl topped with cheese on top of a colorful towel

A popular Mexican breakfast of cheese, meat, beans, veggies, and corn wrapped with corn or flour tortillas and covered in chili sauce.

2. Mole

mole in a pan with chocolate barks, dried chillis, cashew nuts, parley, nacho chips, sesame, and an alcoholic spirit
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Pronounced as “mol-eh,” this rich and savory chili sauce is a Mexican favorite. It is produced with an incredible 20 or more ingredients, including a variety of chili peppers, and constantly stirred for a long time until it gets thick and smooth.

3. Pozole

pozole in a pan with a laddle surrounded by diced onions, chillis, nacho chips, and a slice of lime

Interestingly, Pozole is believed to be a soup of the pre-Hispanic era and was a part of sacrificial rituals. Today, it is left to stew overnight with corn, herbs, and spices.

Mexican Mixology – The Best in the World

Apart from the scrumptious food we have always loved, mixology is also influenced by Mexico. Mexican cocktails are known to be the best alcohol mixes around the world. Tequila, Margarita, and Mezcal are just a few favorite concoctions from Mexico and inherited from Native American mixology traditions. Take a look at some Mexican mixes you can include in your repertoire!

1. Carajillo

carjillo cocktail in a glass with foam on top garnished with cinnamon bark and walnut

A Mexican spiked coffee, Carajillo is an easy coffee cocktail with only three ingredients: a shot of espresso, Licor 43, and a few ice cubes.

2. Chelada

chelada cocktail drink in a glass mug rimmed with salt and garnished with lime slices

Chelada is another kind of prepared cocktail or what they call in Mexico “cerveza preparada.” Its concoction consists of a Mexican lager with a hint of lime poured into a glass rimmed with salt.

3. Horchata

horchata cocktail drink in a highball glass with ice cubes

Who would’ve thought rice water would taste insanely good? Creamy, sweet, and milky– that is Horchata! It is made by combining white rice and cinnamon sticks and soaked overnight. After the process, the liquid is blended with vanilla, milk, and a bit of sugar to make it a little sweet. Horchata tastes best when paired with spicy food!

The Eccentric Mexican Art

Mexican art is derived from various materials from Mexico’s marvelous sources and history. Mexican arts are created by the idea of utility, ornament, and other different uses that the Mexican people have grown to avail. Mexican art is integrated with various colors, shapes, forms, and other materials, as their heritage is abundant with resources such as clays, metals, paper, wood, stones, and dyes. Thus, it’s no wonder why their art is vivacious and eccentric!

1. Tree of Life

traditional tree of life craft of mexico

The Tree of Life is a magnificent Mexican folk art made from clay. This art represents various colonial images that aim to teach natives about creation.

2. Paper Craft

mexican paper craft for independence day of white, red and green shaeds

Probably the most iconic art form of Mexico is their paper craft. These handmade, bold-colored patterns are breaming with creativity. They are usually hung on the ceiling on various occasions, like the Day of the Dead or Independence Day.

3. Huichol Art

patterned huichol art bracelets

These beaded traditional art pieces have been existing for centuries. They are made with seeds, clays, or shells to produce unique pieces with colorful symbols and patterns that are believed to be used in history to communicate with the creator by the Huicholes.

Diving Deeper into Mexico’s Heritage

hot sauce making, skull painting, and margarita kit by kits by food craft

While most people dream about visiting places to experience heritage, Kits by Food Craft aims to unite communities through a shared experience and promote various heritages virtually and in person. As part of our featured heritage, we are taking you on a unique experience discovering the wonders of Mexico. Take a look at our Hot Sauce-Making, Skull-Painting, and Margarita Kit (Kits by Demand) for your happy hour event. All these for your next excelente exploration guided by our Hispanic instructors!

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