Updated: Sep 16

What makes Hawaii a breathtaking place and a dream destination? A whole lot. Discover traditional food, drinks, and crafts gracing the Hawaii Culture!

Did you know that Hawaii's islands resulted from volcanic activities dating back 70 million years ago? Insanely amazing, right? That fact alone already makes Hawaii such a unique place in the world. Hawaii is an archipelago surrounded by blue waters. As the world's most isolated and inhabited place, this tropical island chain also bears a fascinating history that has shaped its people, culture, and traditions. And as a home to ethnic diversity, Hawaii's food, drinks, and arts and crafts are a fusion of cultures influenced by its immigrants. Take a look at some of them in this quick journey to experience Hawaii culture!

United Flavors of Cultures

Hawaii’s food culture is rooted in the influences of the voyagers who came and saw the rich resources of Hawaii. The beautiful food made from local ingredients and traditional techniques came from the interaction between heritages. From Asian countries like Japan, the Philippines, Korea, and China to European countries, Hawaii’s food culture has become one-of-a-kind in the culinary world.

1. Pā Mea ʻAi (Hawaiian Plate)

Hawaiian Plate may sound simple, but it is Hawaii’s pride and ident