Updated: Sep 16

People have always been captivated by Japan’s culture & traditions. And we thought we’d share some of its interesting food, drinks, and arts here!

a shot of japan downtown with japan map

The Land of the Rising Sun is an archipelago and strings of islands; Japan is a country brimming with wonders. When Japan opened its International Trade to the world in 1853, visitors couldn’t get enough of this country. Japan is an ever-changing country with mind-blowing innovative technology making them one of the most advanced countries, pop culture, adhering to values and traditions, and abundant gastronomical creations of food and arts never stop leaving us astonished. If you’re a fan of Japan, you’re at the right place!

One word: Umami

For people who love to eat, Japan is your paradise on earth. Japanese people are meticulous about the food they consume and create. Traditional Japanese cuisine emphasizes its ingredients, methods, elements, and cooking procedures. In Japanese cooking, a sixth flavor was introduced to our palates, the magical flavor of “umami.” And the best part about Japanese food is the way they are presented– coherent to a work of art.

1. Sushi

assorted sushi on a plate with rose fermented ginger, soy sauce, wasabi, and chopsticks