Updated: Sep 16

What things come to your mind when you hear the word India? There’s a lot to know about this beautiful country & here’s your glimpse of it.

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Built in the 20th century, India is one of the world’s most spiritual and diverse countries, with many religions, castes, tribes, and a number of linguistic groups. They are known for their divergent food, arts, and traditions. Bollywood, temples, spectacular scientists, music, yoga, henna, spices, curry, chai, and more. India has more under its belt than any other country!

The Power of Indian Cuisine

Known as the world’s spice capital, India’s cuisine is truly distinct. They pride themselves in the culinary world with their bountiful food from their treasure of spices and herbs. Even in the modern age, Indians remain traditional with their cooking– integrating their food with ingredients and methods passed down from generation to generation. Apart from that, India’s food identifies its diverse heritages. And it is worth noting the colors and flavors that illuminate every plate!

1. Chaat

chaat with toasted breas loaves