Sushi Rolling - $75

What you'll learn?

Seasoning Sushi Rice
Preparing Avocado & Cucumber​
Preparing Mushroom & Other Protein
Homemade Spicy Mayo
Two Types of Rolls

What's inside the kit?

  • Short Grain Rice

  • Shitake Mushroom

  • Rice Vinegar

  • Crunch

  • Sesame Seeds

  • Soy Sauce Packets

  • Kashmiri Pepper Powder

  • Ginger Packets

  • Wasabi Packets

  • Mayonnaise Packets

  • Sriracha Packets

  • Seaweed Paper Sheets

  • Quick-Cook Miso Soup

  • Bamboo Rolling Mat - Plastic Wrapped

  • Pair of Gloves

  • Orange Chopsticks

  • Food Craft Postcard

  • Recipe Card

  • Cue Communication Card

*Gift Card Available to Shop for Fresh Ingredients

Allergies and Dietary Restriction

Vegan Friendly



What's on the menu?

Temaki - Handrolls

Urumaki - Rice On The Outside

Family Friendly

Rewarding Experience


*This kit can make up to a total of 10 rolls

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