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Updated: May 16

a father holding his child

Father’s day is a commemoration best celebrated personally. But if situations limit you from getting together with your old man in person, you’ll need to squeeze creative solutions to commemorate it as the occasion fast approaches. Thankfully, that’s what we’re here to help you with!

The past years have given people much-needed preparation for celebrating socially distant gatherings. Workplaces have managed to conduct fun team-building activities virtually, so what’s stopping us from applying the same strategy this coming Father’s day?

Here are 10 unique ways to celebrate a virtual Father’s Day this June 2022

1. Craft some booze for the bibulous dads

kits by food craft cocktails and mocktails kit

If there is one thing common among dads across cultures, it’s their love for anything alcoholic. While it’s tempting to grab a plane ticket home and pop open a cold one with dad, sometimes it can’t be helped. But our virtual mixology class with kits makes it easier to bond over booze while acquiring new tastes for classy Cocktails and Mocktails.

You can always choose to grab our non-alcoholic mocktail mixes if you and your old man don’t find alcohol appealing. But this virtual mixology class is a must-try. They also make fun team-building activities for virtual offices!

2. Make some boba for dads who like to try new things

kits by food craft bubble tea making kit

Boba or bubble tea has already taken the west by storm! This Taiwan-borne refreshment is a Godsent for dads who love tea but also like cold drinks to quench their summer thirst. If your dad hasn’t tried boba yet, this is a new experience they’ll certainly appreciate.

Our arsenal of packages doesn’t limit the virtual mixology class with kits Bubble Tea Making kit is proof of that. Here your dads can enjoy an interactive virtual experience of making three unique boba drinks, listening to boba fun facts, and immersing in Taiwanese culture!

3. Mix boba and booze to get the best of both worlds

kits by food craft tipsy bubble tea drinks

So your dad has tried boba before, huh? And he delights in drinking alcohol occasionally too? Well, why not mix boba and alcohol at once, and taste its explosive culmination of flavors?

This Father’s day, help your dad experience alcohol-infused bubble tea drinks for the first time through our Tipsy Bubble Tea. Couple that with good conversation, a live demonstration from our expert mixologist, and a refreshing drink that gives a tinge of kick with every sip — you have yourself the best Father’s day celeb on your hands!

Teams looking for fun team-building activities for dad workmates would appreciate this virtual mixology class with the kit too!

4. Geek dads who like it wholesome & challenging

kits by food craft latte and trivia virtual experience

For fathers with coffee coursing through their veins, they might be keen to try new brews apart from the regular ones. If you have a coffee-lover of a dad then our Latte and Trivia experience may be the best virtual celebration for them!

Packed inside the kit are ingredients for 3 novel latte recipes they haven’t tried before. Plus this virtual mixology class with kits includes an expert mixologist who’ll hook them up in engaging food & drink trivia.

5. Dads in dire need of de-stressing

kits by food craft energy cleansing virtual experience

Life can be stressful, and our old man isn’t free from this dreadful fact. If they’ve expressed a desire to relax, our Energy Cleansing virtual package might be the stress-eliminating activity they need!

This spiritual experience will be guided by our expert guru who will take them through a course of de-stressing practices that will cleanse your dad’s aura, fill them with the right energy, and holistically improve their well-being. This energy cleansing activity could be one of those fun team-building activities too to de-stress the workplace!

6. Artsy dads, this one’s for you

kits by food craft kintsugi-inspired virtual experience

As intriguing as joining a virtual mixology class with kits or an energy cleansing experience is, sometimes, putting dad’s artistic juices at work can be the best virtual celebration possible.

In our virtual Kintsugi-inspired class, fathers will get to embrace the Japanese Wabi-Sabi philosophy of appreciating the beauty of an imperfect world. Kintsugi encourages people to recognize broken pieces as empty palettes they can use to recreate beautiful works of art. Read more about Kintsugi here.

7. Try Japanese art for the creative dads

kits by food craft suminagashi virtual experience

Another virtual activity to foster your dad’s creativity this Father’s day is our Suminagashi. This activity will help dads relax while they engage in a live demonstration of making decorative marbling pieces inspired by Japanese cultures and traditions.

We have everything packed inside each kit, from an expert Japan-trained artist to every tool your dad will need, we have them covered. Simply provide access to a few necessities like tap water, paper towels, rubbing alcohol, and dish soap, and you’re ready for an immersive Japanese experience.

8. Decorate some cookies fit for the occasion

father's day themed cookies

Cookie Decorating, while viewed as a childish affair, can be therapeutic even for adults looking for an outlet to express themselves. And your father will certainly love decorating some cookies to commemorate the celebration.

Guided by our in-house expert pastry chef, your dad can design freshly-baked cookies at their own pace until their artwork is done! No worries about baking, because we’ll have the blank cookies pre-prepared beforehand.

9. Enrich Dad’s palate with traditional Japanese snacks

kits by food craft mochi and dango virtual experience

Not everyone is familiar with Mochi and Dango, but that isn’t to say dads won’t enjoy eating them when they get a hold of one! These Japanese snacks are a fan favorite in the oriental region and your father will surely love enriching his palate with these nutty, sweet, and flavorful balls of goodness.

10. Create some hot sauce for dads looking to spice things up

kits by food craft 3 hot sauce recipes

Dads will agree that chicken nuggets and pizza are best eaten drenched in some luscious hot sauce. And we’re here to fulfill that insatiable desire!

Our Hot Sauce Making includes everything your dad needs to make 2 distinct hot sauces: smoked jalapeño and ginger mango costeño. Watch as this light cooking event, guided by our expert cook, unleashes your dad’s inner chef as they make fiery and addictive sauces!

Food Craft NYC focuses on giving people a one-of-a-kind virtual experience that primarily focuses on food, drinks, arts, and crafts. Each virtual mixology class with kits or light cooking packages is the perfect option for fun team-building activities, and even specific celebrations, like Father’s Day!

Book us now, and experience virtual bonding like no other.

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