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Updated: May 16

What is there to celebrate June? We have 13 exciting reasons to celebrate June in various great ways that you’ll find in this blog!

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Of all the seasons, Summer probably is the most vibrant of them all. Not that the word “Summer” speaks for itself, but it’s the feeling that makes us all lively. Although we need the sun's rays hovering over us, Summertime isn’t only about the tan lines you get from sunbathing or enjoying water splashing between your skin. We celebrate June for 13 reasons that are relevant, fun, exciting, refreshing, and delish!

Before we find out the reasons to celebrate June, did you know the term Summer or “sumor” in Old English means one or together? This makes total sense as the warmest season brings more people together. June truly is the perfect time for recreation for families, friends, and even teams!

Let’s Celebrate June!

The first & second quarters of the year are almost exhausting for us. From being back from the holidays to attending academics, work, and even regular life activities, we all seem just a little bit caught up in feeling restless. But the long wait is soon over! Freedom is ours again from the shackles of responsibilities we are clung to. Summer is peeking in! Check out all 13 reasons to celebrate June from the list below.

1. Pride Month

In-Person Event

The majority of us know how amazing Pride Month is. It is celebrated from across the world with its vibrance and recognition of the people of the LGBTQ+ community. But there’s more to its celebration: to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, A commemoration of the struggles for civil & equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community, and a moment to honor the accomplishments & impacts the community has made in society.

This joyous festival deserves a colorful experience. Celebrate June and the community with Pride Moss Wall Art on a Craft & Wine Night with Kits by Food Craft & Kabisera NYC in Allen St., New York, on June 3, 2022! It’s limited slots only, so register early here!

2. Black Lives Matter Month

Black Lives Matter Rally

We celebrate June with one of the world’s most critical issues today. Initially founded as a social media hashtag, Black Lives Matter has become a movement advocating for rights, justice, equality & a protest against the violence against the Black community. We celebrate diversity and inclusivity at Kits by Food Craft through remote team-building activities. Exchange ideas and stories about your experiences and insights about Black Lives Matter. You can also check out alternative ways to support the movement at this link.

3. World Environment Day

Kits by Food Craft Box

We need to open our eyes to see what is happening with our environment and ecosystems. Just recently, a group of scientists conducted a protest to reiterate the call for urgency on climate change. Furthermore, the celebration encourages awareness to protect our environment & the urgency to save our planet from the severity of the effects the damage will leave humankind.

We may not notice it, but the things we do every day can help make a change. As a start, we can opt for more environment-friendly materials such as our reusable straws for your boba drinks and reusable chopsticks for your sushi. At Kits by Food Craft, we are for promoting more environmentally ethical options for our packages & kit materials with the virtual events & DIY Kits we offer.

4. National Best Friends Day

Tipsy Bubble Tea Virtual Experience

Yey! A celebration in June for the besties! It’s a day to show our friends the appreciation, the love they deserve, and the connection cherished. Celebrate friendships & relationships in an enjoyable virtual mixology class for a group of 10 besties, in-person experiences varying from food, drinks, and arts & craft kits for adults or our DIY boba making kit. Check our Tipsy Bubble Tea virtual mixology class with kits for besties who are up for the excitement & chitchats!

5. World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day

We couldn’t complete the reasons to celebrate June without World Oceans Day. In data, it is said that the ocean produces over half of the world's oxygen & absorbs 50x more dioxide than our atmosphere. The oceans also cover 70% of Earth’s surface, which regulates the climate & weather patterns. Atlantic Blankets have broken down the best ways to celebrate this day.

6. Herbs and Spices Day

Hot Sauce Making Virtual Experience

Here comes one of our faves to celebrate in June! Herbs and Spices are so versatile that they are used in how food and even drinks are consumed worldwide. As a team of anything spicy & anything with a kick, we feature fresh, premium herbs & spices in our kits for our virtual team-building activities & DIY Kits.

Our Hot Sauce Making class includes quality chili peppers with spices complementing each homemade sauce. Whether for a virtual family experience or virtual team-building experiences with kits delivered internationally, this live demonstration of hot sauce-making truly celebrates the world of hot, fiery stuff! You can also check our Chai Masterclass to experience the authentic taste of the Indian traditional drink rich with spices!

7. Iced Tea Day

Bubble Tea Making Virtual Experience

Our list of reasons to celebrate June gets better with this one. It’s Iced Tea Day which perfectly falls in Summertime! Whether flavored, sweetened, or not, sometimes not even iced, tea drinks make life better! As fans of this universal drink, we made it possible to create virtual experiences, DIY Kits like our Tea Sampler Kit, and homemade syrups for your favorite Iced Tea drinks in a more exciting concept. Our most-loved, uniquely flavored Bubble Tea mixes are always in too!

8. International Sushi Day

Sushi Kit

Why is Sushi so popular? We might know the answer to that. The playtime in your tastebuds happens whenever you bite that freshly made sushi. Never underestimate the size because their flavors are just explosions in the mouth! Fun Fact: Kits by Food Craft was inspired by the years of experience of our founder in working for a popular Sushi place.

One of our most-loved virtual classes is our Sushi Rolling event. It’s an easy & interactive live demonstration guided by our professional Sushi chef, A great way to host remote team-building activities that are all-inclusive for remote international teams. You may also gift our Sushi Making Kit DIY to anyone as passionate about Sushi as you! Learn more about sushi history here!

9. Father’s Day

Cocktail Drink

Today, we honor fathers worldwide, the idea of fatherhood, and the influence that every father figure has shared with society. People typically buy gifts to give their fathers, but we have a better idea of how we can make this day unforgettable.

Our virtual mixology classes with kits include Cocktails & Mocktails. With one of our fun team-building activities, everyone creates unique concoctions, shares stories, and shares a toast to the beautiful things about fatherhood.

10. Juneteenth

Latte with mixed spices

To most people in the US, Juneteenth, also known as Black Independence Day or Emancipation Day, is celebrated as the second independence day of America. The celebration has its deep root, a commemoration of the end of slavery and the Civil War in the 1860s. The celebration, however, is observed in different ways, especially in today’s society, where racism, hate, and violence against Black people are still endured.

Celebrate at work over a Latte & Trivia virtual experience. Provide the opportunity of inclusivity & equity to your team by interacting & participating in trivia about Juneteenth.

11. World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day

Every 20th of June, this celebration is observed to honor every refugee, their strength & courage. Apart from honoring the refugees, this day also aims to relay the message to support all refugees who have been forced to leave their motherlands with nothing because of conflicts or disasters that have immensely impacted them.

From volunteering to mentoring a family, refugees need our support more and more each day. Find the best possible ways to celebrate and be more aware of the celebration.

12. International Yoga Day

Self-Care Kit

Yoga has numerous benefits for a person who practices it. On this day, Yoga is celebrated internationally to raise awareness of its benefits to a person’s overall health & lifestyle. Especially in these times where the pandemic is not yet over, and people are still suffering its impacts & restrictions, more so with their mental, physical and emotional health. Yoga must be promoted to rejuvenate people all over the world.

We value holistic practice, which is why Kits by Food Craft have thoughtfully curated a Self-Care Gift Package that would help rejuvenate oneself, regain their confidence, and make them feel good about themselves.

13. National Work From Home Day

Kits by Food Craft Women Owned Business

Last but not least in our list of reasons to celebrate in June is National WFH Day! The pandemic has pushed companies from across the globe to send their teams home and adapt to the work-from-home setup. Although there are pros and cons to it, one thing about it is the idea that most workers have learned to balance work & parenthood life.

In a survey conducted by National Today, it is revealed that 52% of Americans prefer to work from home. As a part of the work-from-home community, our team of super Moms shares tips on how they balance life in this new normal!

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