Updated: Sep 14

What is there to celebrate June? We have 13 exciting reasons to celebrate June in various great ways that you’ll find in this blog!

June Hero Image

Of all the seasons, Summer probably is the most vibrant of them all. Not that the word “Summer” speaks for itself, but it’s the feeling that makes us all lively. Although we need the sun's rays hovering over us, Summertime isn’t only about the tan lines you get from sunbathing or enjoying water splashing between your skin. We celebrate June for 13 reasons that are relevant, fun, exciting, refreshing, and delish!

Before we find out the reasons to celebrate June, did you know the term Summer or “sumor” in Old English means one or together? This makes total sense as the warmest season brings more people together. June truly is the perfect time for recreation for families, friends, and even teams!

Let’s Celebrate June!

The first & second quarters of the year are almost exhausting for us. From being back from the holidays to attending academic, work, and even regular life activities, we all seem just a little bit caught up in feeling restless. But the long wait is soon over! Freedom is ours again from the shackles of responsibilities we are clung to. Summer is peeking in! Check out all 13 reasons to celebrate June from the list below.

1. Pride Month