Updated: Sep 12

People eating Sushi

Sushi has become one of the most revered dishes from Japan known for its freshness. Ironically, sushi was not invented in Japan and originally was created as a method to preserve fish in South East Asia. Alongside the Mekong river, fishermen would salt and dry fish before packing the insides of the fish with rice and storing it in barrels. The fish would be preserved through anaerobic fermentation which converted sugars from the rice into acid.

A Plate of Sushi

Sushi by definition means sour rice. Sashimi had been traditionally eaten in Japan for centuries but the sushi wasn’t introduced until the 7th century. The earliest form of sushi was called Nare Sushi. This fermented dish took over 1-2 months to perfect and was known for its pungent smell. After the development and popularization of rice vinegar, a new variety of sushi was created called Han- Nare where semi-fermented fish and rice were eaten together.

Ebi Sushi and Salmon Sushi