Tipsy Bubble Tea Making - $95

What you'll learn?

Fun Boba and Tea Facts
Cooking Tapioca Pearls
Unique Tipsy Boba Recipes

What's inside the kit?

  • Baileys Original 50 ml

  • White Rum 50 ml

  • Tequila 50 ml

  • Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Bag

  • Double Spiced Chai Tea Bag

  • Assam Tea Bag

  • Taro Mix

  • Horchata Mix

  • Mango Syrup

  • Lime Citrus Packet

  • Cinnamon Packet

  • Brown Sugar Packet

  • Tapioca Pearls Topping

  • Rainbow Jelly Topping

  • Stainless Straw, Brush with Reusable Pouch

  • Chips as Snack

  • Food Craft Postcard

  • Recipe and Prep Card

  • Cue Communication Card

Allergies and Dietary Restriction

Vegetarian Friendly


Tipsy Boba_ Cinnamon Rumchata.jpg
Tipsy Boba Taro Baileys.jpg
Tipsy Boba_ Mango Citrus Bobarita.jpg

What's on the menu?

Mango Lime Bobarita

Assam Taro Baileys

Cinnamon Rumchata


Unique Event


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