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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

We know you’re feeling pumped because it’s the last quarter of the year. So, here’s a list of reasons why you should get the party started in October!

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October is the tenth month of the year, but do you know how it got its name? October is derived from the Greek/Latin word “octo,” which means eight, because it was the early days. It was the eighth month of the Roman calendar. The month is also known as the start of the autumn season, with chilly weather, lattes, and anything cozy. Even though it’s the coolest season of the year, we thought about the other days that need to be known and celebrated by everyone with virtual and in-person experiences!

Life’s gourd with these celebrations

1. International Day of Older Persons, October 1

heart of dinner lunch bag packages with individual uniwue designs by volunteers and a personal note attached

It is a special celebration to give value to senior citizens and raise awareness of the challenges that come with aging people. These challenges include opportunities and potentials, access to safe health care, and social engagement. Asian people, for instance, were deeply affected by the dilemmas brought by the pandemic.

On this day, let us show appreciation to our elderlies by participating in an in-person community volunteering experience through Heart of Dinner’s initiative and its partners. Send the elderlies in the Asian community a bag of valuable supplies and a personally written letter. Check more details from this link.

2. Animal Day, October 4

World Animal Day is celebrated to raise worldwide consciousness about how profound animal welfare's seriousness. Across the globe, many of these beautiful creatures have suffered and continue to suffer under the daunting treatment of people, businesses, and even communities. Animals should have the right to live freely and be fostered. There are many things you can achieve to help support various movements on this day. Here’s a list of things you can do.

3. World Mental Health Day, October 10

a corporate team showing their bubble tea creations for a picture with kits by food craft team

Mental health is a crucial part of our lives. It is associated with our emotions and psychological and social well-being. At the height of the pandemic, a vast number of people around the world, including employees, have had mental health challenges. Thus, ensues a decrease in productivity, engagement, and connection with the work environment.

Every workplace should promote a healthier environment by allowing employees to engage in virtual or in-person experiences. Teambuilding activities are fundamental to every organization as they benefit their well-being. Kits by Food Craft is dedicated to connecting teams and delivering joy and fulfillment through classes promoting wellness.

4. National Dessert Day, October 14

mango and dango japanese desserts on a plate with cherry blossom flowers around

Forget the calorie count. It’s an official cheat day to give in to your sweet tooth fancy! Celebrate all things desserts, Japanese culture, and tradition in our Mochi and Dango virtual experience with kits delivered wherever you may be. Create two of Japan’s dessert pride with authentic ingredients and homemade syrups to ignite flavors in every chewy bite!

5. National Liqueur Day, October 16

a bartender lighting a special tiki glass with other tiki cocktail drinks in a tiki bar

I bet you were looking forward to this. Now you got it! Who would disagree when we say the world is better with liqueurs? From the classic Black Russian to Mudslide and more, liqueurs are what make them outstanding in every sip. But why let your team go to a crowded bar for a happy hour when you can join a lively Tiki-inspired Cocktails & Mocktails event to learn how to make superb concoctions at the tip of your fingers? It’s a well-planned experience with kits delivered to you. This quarter, we’re bringing you ‘ono flavors of Hawaii in our Tiki drinks!

6. International Day of Nacho, October 21

hot sauce making package consisting of ingredients such as dried chili peppers. mixed nuts, homemade syrups. garlic clove, recipe. spatula, kitchen towel, and a laptop showing a sreenshot of hot sauce in a bowl

Vamos de fiesta! We love Nachos, and we know you love them too. Schedule a snack party at work on this day, where you chill out with your team over savory nacho crisps. Do you know what a better idea is? Learning Hot Sauce-making that you can make and even save at home for any day spicy craving. Apart from that, get to know how rich the Hispanic culture is with fun facts!

7. International Artist Day, October 25

kintsugi decorated concrete oval tray with gold lacquer painting and pencils, a cup of coffee, whote tulip flowers. and a leaf tray

Art is indeed the creative human expression that enfolds stories and history. It’s a form of communication and gives us an understanding of life and the world. For some, it is a way of coping– an escape from bitter realities. On this day, we celebrate all kinds of art and artists of history and today. As a diverse team with a passion for art and creativity, we share various art team-building activities like our Kintsugi-inspired experience promoting self-expression and understanding of a new life perspective.

8. National Chocolate Day, October 28

chocolate truffles covered in orange sprinkles on a plate

The Autumn season calls for anything warm and cozy drinks. What is the best thing paired with them? Delectable sweets, of course! Invite your team to virtually experience Chocolate Truffle-making with no baking required. Oh, and it comes with kits, too, so everyone doesn’t have to worry about shopping for the things you need. For an hour of fun demonstrated by our lovely chef, you’ll never forget a sweet moment shared with your team!

9. Halloween, October 31

sugar cookies decorated with halloween themed designs on a serving plate with 4 colored icings, candies

We’re all waiting for this celebration. Oh, Halloween is the most exciting day of the month! Halloween has a fascinating history, but we won’t discuss it now because we have better things to discuss here. And that’s how you can celebrate Halloween with your colleagues and kids at home. Join a Halloween-themed Cookie Decorating party with a spooky cookie decorating kit for all ages while sporting your Halloween character of the year!

And there you have the best reasons to have fun with the October celebrations. Because why not? It’s the perfect time to warm up for the upcoming holiday season and keep the momentum going. Have something else in mind? Talk to our team! We’re always geared for challenging, unique, and awesome experiences!

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Shid Galvan
Shid Galvan
Oct 04, 2022

Woah! So many things to celebrate this October! Love to have a guide!

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