Updated: May 20

We’ve gathered the best celebrations in April. If you’re looking for a great excuse to have fun, you’ll find it in this article!

April Celebrations

Spring begins in March but as we leave the month behind, the season will continue to bloom in April. The name of the month is derived from the Latin verb “Aperio” which means “to open.” Although we all love the cold breeze of the night, Spring is a time for finding a new purpose, renewal, beginning, and planting new ideas. Oh and the longer days of embracing the sunshine underneath us makes us feel glorious. Watch out because it’s not an old trick; Celebrations in April will make you adore the greens, the skies, and drizzles!

11 Best Celebrations in April

There are 30 days in April and each day of the month commemorates fun or socially relevant celebrations. You can be both teams but we’re doing the heavy lifting for you. There are so many things to look out for in celebrations in April but we want to give you the best ones that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

1. April Fool’s Day, April 1

Fool’s Day is one of the popular celebrations in April. If you’re the prankster type or someone who gives a good laugh, this might be your favorite day. We’ve found some great ideas you can try that would make people feel punked!

April Fool's Day