Updated: Apr 18

We’ve gathered the best celebrations in April. If you’re looking for a great excuse to have fun, you’ll find it in this article!

April Celebrations

Spring begins in March but as we leave the month behind, the season will continue to bloom in April. The name of the month is derived from the Latin verb “Aperio” which means “to open.” Although we all love the cold breeze of the night, Spring is a time for finding a new purpose, renewal, beginning, and planting new ideas. Oh and the longer days of embracing the sunshine underneath us makes us feel glorious. Watch out because it’s not an old trick; Celebrations in April will make you adore the greens, the skies, and drizzles!

11 Best Celebrations in April

There are 30 days in April and each day of the month commemorates fun or socially relevant celebrations. You can be both teams but we’re doing the heavy lifting for you. There are so many things to look out for in celebrations in April but we want to give you the best ones that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

1. April Fool’s Day, April 1

Fool’s Day is one of the popular celebrations in April. If you’re the prankster type or someone who gives a good laugh, this might be your favorite day. We’ve found some great ideas you can try that would make people feel punked!

April Fool's Day

BuzzFeed curated the best food pranks for April Fool’s and we’re here for it! Just the thought of making people believe it’s just an ordinary day, you give them something they probably won’t crave anymore.

2. World Autism Awareness Day, April 2

Celebrations in April aren’t all about having fun. The month also highlights days that give light to social topics. World Autism Day is not only a day for celebrating people with autism but it also helps raise awareness of the challenges that come along with developmental disorders.

World Autism Day

To celebrate this day, Stages Learning has made its effort to bring people a deeper understanding of the subject and suggestions on how to properly celebrate it with activities you can participate in.

3. World Health Day, April 7

World Health Day is also one of the biggest highlight celebrations in April. It’s a day celebrated to mark the World Health Organization’s foundation in 1948. It is also a day that highlights how important public health concern is to the world.

World Health Day

Each year World Health Day is celebrated with themes. This year, WHO’s theme is “Our Planet, Our Health.” Find ways to support and commemorate World Health Day with activities suggested by Teach Hub.

4. World Art Day, April 15

One of the celebrations in April we are looking forward to is World Art Day! This newfound favorite celebration was recently founded in 2019 at UNESCO’s General Conference. It aims to develop and promote art around the world.

World Art Day

Learn a virtual experience inspired by traditional Japanese of Kintsugi in which broken concrete pieces are glued back together and its broken lines are painted with gold. It’s a therapeutic experience where you also get to learn new perspectives in life and appreciate the beauty in imperfections.

5. Husband Appreciation Day, April 16

March honored women on International Women’s Day so now it’s time we honor the hubbies of the world as one of the celebrations in April. Show your love and appreciation for your partner with a virtual experience they will love.

Husband Appreciation Day

Host a Cocktails & Mocktails virtual event and invite your friends to celebrate Husband Appreciation Day. It’s the perfect time to share unforgettable fond memories of the hubbies over a variety of unique concoctions with Japanese flavors!

6. Easter, April 17

The kids’ (or wanna-be kids again) favorite celebrations in April! Easter is a celebration of Christians for Christ’s resurrection. Over the years, this day has been widely observed as a day for family time and a day for light and hope.


Celebrate Easter as a family with our Cookie Decorating virtual experience. Have fun decorating freshly-baked cookies with Easter-themed sprinkles!

7. Tea Day, April 21

Are you a tea lover like us too? We bet! That’s why we’ve included Tea Day as one of our favorite celebrations in April. Tea Day is a movement that aims to spread awareness on tea appreciation, cultivation, and sustainability.

Tea Day

Celebrate with us through our virtual experiences that feature the versatility of tea. Our most-loved Bubble Tea Making event uses top-grade tea leaves in unique recipes. Learn the basics while also learning fun facts about tea you’ve never heard before! You can also have something ready in your pantry for everyday tea time with our Tea Sample Kit.

8. Earth Day, April 22

Earth Day is one of the most relevant celebrations in April. It’s a day where we honor the importance of protecting the earth from harmful effects such as pollution and deforestation that have greatly impacted today’s era.

Earth Day

We can do so many things to raise awareness on how we can live better on our planet by protecting the earth. As a small business, part of our responsibility is to utilize sustainable and eco-friendly materials in our kits including reusable chopsticks in our Sushi Rolling virtual experience and DIY Kit.

9. National Arbor Day, April 29

Our list for the celebrations in April wouldn’t be complete without National Arbor Day in it. It’s a day that sheds light on how to better protect trees as it also promotes planting them for a better world to live in.

National Arbor Day

Although one common thing to celebrate the day is by planting trees, we share our support for movements like this by including reusable & sustainable materials in our kits such as in our Kits By Demand Succulent & Terrarium virtual experience. Included in our kit is a live succulent that provides a tiny ecosystem in any space.

10. National Decorating Month

Ah! An addition from celebrations in April to our list of favorites. April is the best time to get things revamped whether you’re a pro at designing or just in dire need of something fun to brighten up your space & rediscover your creative self. At Food Craft, we’ve launched a variety of virtual experiences where you can participate in beautiful creations to complement your home.

National Decorating Month

We’re featuring Japanese-inspired art ideas like Suminagashi. It’s a beautiful marbling technique using Sumi ink you apply in your work to create almost hypnotizing pieces that attract attention.

11. National Garden Month

Celebrations in April also highlight National Garden Month. With the winter season behind, now’s the time to do something nice that keeps you creatively occupied and fulfilled.

National Garden Month

Our Moss Wall Art virtual experience brings nature to you while staying home. Its vibrant, preserved colored moss & decorative butterflies, mushrooms & ladybugs scream Spring from any angle in your space. Plus it’s maintenance-free which allows you freedom of your time.

Make Celebrations in April More Fun

There are 30 days in the month to get yourself prepared for celebrations in April. But with our daily lives, we don’t have the luxury of time to keep up with everyday celebrations. Will that stop you from celebrating? Absolutely not. You just need some good reasons to feel the bloom of spring with celebrations in April that are fun but still socially relevant. Make this year’s Spring season more fun with Food Craft virtual experiences and DIY Kits that make celebrations more memorable!