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Updated: May 16

Springtime is never gone. It’s here to stay longer. Here are the 10 Best Celebrations in May you should know!

Flower Picture of May

When you start seeing Justin Timberlake’s face with his noodle hair all over the social media platforms, you know what’s up– it’s gonna be May. You better ready yourself for celebrations in May are ones you can’t skip. As the name of the fifth month of the year, May is inspired by the Roman Goddess, Maia.

The name is associated with growth. Thus, it is the season when everything blooms and grows. Oh, and virtual team-building activities too. Not only does it give us the best time to do fun team-building activities, but celebrations in May also have the best things to look forward to. From thrilling seasonal activities to celebrations relevant to today’s society, celebrations in May will keep you up and moving.

Best Celebrations in May

There’s just so much to do this season. For us, Springtime really is the best time, and celebrations in May make it more exciting for the rest of us to look forward to. And memes about May are relatable. Ready your pens, ease your mind, and note these celebrations in May, remote team-building activities you can’t skip. We made sure we listed the best ones yet below.

Asian People around the World

AAPI Heritage Month is one of the celebrations in May we look forward to. For the entire duration of the month, we celebrate and honor the AAPI's history, achievements, and contributions to society. It is also an excellent opportunity to celebrate the community while learning about the challenges our AAPI community meets daily, especially in the world crisis because of the pandemic.

We at Kits by Food Craft celebrate diversity & culture through our experiences. This quarter, we are taking you on a virtual celebration of Japanese culture & traditions through our unique virtual team-building activities. Explore Japanese art through our Furoshiki Gift Wrapping & Suminagashi experiences, Japanese flavors in our food and drinks events, and more!

2. May Day, May 1

Person cooking tapioca pearls

Also known as Worker’s Day, May Day is one of the celebrations in May you have to know. On this day, the laborers and workers are honored for their hard work, struggles and successes. In ancient times, May Day was celebrated with rejoicing. What better way to rejoice than to share a toast with your hardworking team in a virtual happy hour of Bubble Tea Making!

3. Eid al Fitr, May 3

Person worshipping

For the Muslim community, Eid al Fitr is one of the celebrations in May that they are preparing for. Eid al Fitr is a celebration that marks the end of Ramadan or fasting and having to spend more quality time with family and friends. Over 3 million Muslim people in the USA celebrate this day with prayers, decorations, and feasts.

4. World Press Freedom Day, May 3

world press freedom day

On a more serious note, our list of celebrations in May wouldn’t be complete without World Press Freedom Day. When technology has taken over our lives, it is essential to know that we should be aware of the challenges surrounding press freedom, such as censorship, suspension, harassment, and violence against journalists. This is also an opportunity to hold an account of what we share on digital platforms while practicing our rights to freedom of information.

5. Cinco de Mayo, May 5

cocktails & mocktails and hot sauce making

Hola fiesta! We couldn’t complete this list of celebrations in April if it wasn't for Cinco de Mayo. And of course, it’s our favorite day of the year too! Contrary to misconception, Cinco de Mayo is not an Independence Day celebration in Mexico. While in Mexico, it is a day to honor the Mexican Army or Battle of Puebla Day, this day in the USA has likely been considered a day of Hispanic heritage celebration. A day for Mexican food and drinks? We’re down for it!

Come join our Hispanic event organizers to host you a Feliz Cinco de Mayo in our Cocktails & Mocktails or a fiery Hot Sauce Making remote team-building activities, creating superb drinks & homemade hot sauces, sharing Hispanic heritage, and more!

6. World Fair Trade Day, May 7

world fair trade

As a part of our celebrations in May's best list, World Fair Trade Day will always have a spot. This day’s purpose is to give awareness and celebrate the efforts of different organizations to fight climate change, poverty, exploitation, and so much more. It also highlights how laborers worldwide should be given their rights to work benefits, decent pay, and healthy working environments.

Send your team a variety of DIY craft kits for adults to let them know you value & appreciate their hard work, loyalty, and passion for work.

7. Mothers’ Day, May 8

furoshiki bag and moss wall art

Wohoo! A day to celebrate the most special women of our lives, Mother’s Day. We can all agree that this is probably one of the celebrations in May we dare not sleep on. This celebration is a great opportunity to let the women who brought us to the world, taught us values, and more be honored in the way they deserve!

Invite your Mom, Mama, Grandma, Auntie, Sister, and all the queens you know to a thoughtful shared experience of Moss Wall Art making that everyone can hold forever in their hearts and thoughts. Or a Furoshiki No-Sew Bag experience to introduce them to an eco-fashion they would adore!

ceramic llama

Our list of celebrations in May also values the importance of this day. It is observed to bring awareness about families, issues, and other aspects affecting families. On this day, the world is encouraged to celebrate with their loved ones in ways that celebrate relationships and acceptance.

Bring your family closer together and find connection through a heartwarming and interactive Ceramic Llama Painting experience that all ages will love. Not only you will enjoy exploring your painting skill, you will also learn how to care for a live succulent plant you can keep in your home! Share quality moments while having fun being creative!

9. Memorial Day, May 30

memorial day

Memorial Day is just as important as all celebrations in May. On this day, we take the opportunity to honor our beloved brave men and women who have fought and died in the American wars in defense of our country.

suminagashi diy kit japanese traditional art marbling technique

To wrap up our best celebrations in May, our creative sides couldn’t handle the excitement about this day! It celebrates creativity, but it is also a moment for everyone, especially the youth, to discover themselves through art and innovation while practicing critical thinking and problem-solving.

Food Craft is about uniqueness and innovation in food, drinks, arts, and crafts. We encourage and promote creativity in our experiences. As we celebrate Japan this quarter, we have thoughtfully planned Suminagashi, the Japanese art of marbling techniques using Sumi ink. Whether you’re an artist or an aspiring artist, our team of event organizers will help you find the best version of your creativity and artistry in this fun virtual event!

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