Updated: Sep 14

Springtime is never gone. It’s here to stay longer. Here are the 10 Best Celebrations in May you should know!

Flower Picture of May

When you start seeing Justin Timberlake’s face with his noodle hair all over the social media platforms, you know what’s up– it’s gonna be May. You better ready yourself for celebrations in May are ones you can’t skip. As the name of the fifth month of the year, May is inspired by the Roman Goddess, Maia.

The name is associated with growth. Thus, it is the season when everything blooms and grows. Oh, and virtual team-building activities too. Not only does it give us the best time to do fun team-building activities, but celebrations in May also have the best things to look forward to. From the thrilling seasonal activities to celebrations relevant to today’s society, celebrations in May will keep you up and moving.

Best Celebrations in May

There’s just so much to do this season. For us, Springtime really is the best time, and celebrations in May make it more exciting for the rest of us to look forward to. And memes about May are relatable. Ready your pens, ease your mind, and note these celebrations in May, remote team-building activities you can’t skip. We made sure we listed the best ones yet below.

1. Asian-American Pacific Islander Heritage Month