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Updated: May 16

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month is as significant as any other commemoration. Understand and learn more about it in this article.

AAPI Heritage Month

One of the highlights that we look forward to in May is celebrating AAPI Heritage Month. If you are wondering why AAPI Heritage Month is celebrated in the fifth month of the year, the first Japanese settlers arrived in the United States on May 7, 1843. On May 10, 1863, it was also when the Transcontinental Railroad was built and completed. It is said that there were approximately 20,000 Chinese Laborers who worked in the completion of it. Unfortunately, over a thousand lives were also lost during the railroad’s construction because of explosions and other natural disasters.

New York Representative Frank Horton initiated the effort of recognizing AAPI Heritage Month in 1977 and Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye in the same year. Although their resolutions weren’t accepted, their intent didn’t stop from there. On October 5, 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed Public Law 95-419, a significant step in the coming years for AAPI recognition. In time, AAPI Heritage Month has been commemorated annually.

Why Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month Is Important

Asian-American Pacific Islanders AAPI has significantly contributed to society. In the many aspects of American society & culture, the Asian-American Pacific Islander community has been a part of achievements in education, arts, literature, recreations, sports, medicine, science, politics, laws, activism, etc.

People rallying for AAPI against hate

However, the AAPI community is still jeopardized and goes through stereotypical prejudice despite the facts mentioned above. Therefore, AAPI Heritage Month must be recognized in ways that educate society. Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month should be a moment of learning the history of how the AAPI community contributed significantly to American history and should continue to be recognized as an integral part of the country’s success. Moreover, it is a time where we honor and highlight the community’s stories and spread awareness of the racism, violence, and the likes that every AAPI meets, especially in these trying times of world crisis because of the pandemic.

How to Support & Celebrate AAPI Heritage

The pandemic has unfurled hate, violence, xenophobia, bigotry, and bias toward the AAPI community. According to an NBC report, almost 11,000 incident reports were recorded in just over a year. This concerning and very alarming number of hate reports has pushed the AAPI community and other groups and individuals to form coalitions and movements to spread awareness, so any hateful behavior must be avoided and stopped.

To recognize AAPI Heritage Month, we have gathered the best ways to give support to the AAPI community and celebrate AAPI Heritage Month profoundly.

Learn More About The AAPI Community

People celebrating AAPI Month

Supporting and celebrating AAPI Heritage Month should start by educating oneself with resources that tackle the history of AAPI and topics circling the challenges met by the community every day. Below are platforms that provide education, the latest news, and more.

Report All Incidents to Authority

Stop AAPI Hate

In a report by NBC, it is said that new research finds a mind-boggling 339% increase in reported hate crimes that mostly happened in big cities. This AAPI Heritage Month, one way to support the community is to report even the slightest discrimination; It could be anyone, no matter the ethnicity. We've listed here some of the organizations of service to the community.

Volunteer for the Community

Bags of Vegetables

Another way to honor AAPI Heritage Month is by doing volunteer work. Heart of Dinner has taken the initiative in supporting the AAPI community, especially the elderly, through care packages such as packed meals, grocery essentials, and many more. The group has worked with AAPI business owners too.

In support of our community, Kits by Food Craft has partnered with Heart of Dinner in extending our love and care for our elderlies in these trying times. Join us in making a difference today. Turn your care into action. Visit their website now to know more.

Make A Donation

AAPI Women Lead

Before the pandemic, groups were already formed to support different communities, including the AAPIs. To celebrate the AAPI Heritage Month, even the smallest donation could go a long way in helping these movements and foundations to support the AAPI community in so many ways. We've found three existing organizations that accommodate donations to extend their help to the community.

Support AAPI-Owned Small Businesses

Happy customer receiving bought gift

Another great way to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month is by supporting all AAPI-owned small businesses. Since the pandemic, an enormous loss, especially in businesses, was felt in AAPI-owned businesses. It’s made even worse because of the stigma that the percentage of society has implied on the Asian community surrounding CoViD. Supporting businesses that give back to the AAPI community is vital now.

A Memorable AAPI Heritage Month Celebration

Kits by Food Craft is not just a part of the AAPI community, but we stand in solidarity with our community. As a multicultural, women-owned small business, we encourage awareness of challenges that our community faces at any time. Our culture embraces diversity and inclusivity through our shared experiences. And we are committed to celebrating cultures and communities quarterly and every day.

In celebration of AAPI Heritage Month, we are featuring world cultures. We have thoughtfully planned experiences of their rich cultural heritage and history of their food, drinks, arts, and crafts. We are dedicated to encouraging learning while having fun in our unique experiences.

tiki cocktails and mocktails

A true celebration of the AAPI Heritage Month, this Tiki-inspired cocktails and mocktails virtual experience will take you to the tropical islands of Hawaii with refreshing drinks you will create yourself with our DIY Kit provided. From quality spirits to non-alcoholic ingredients, it's definitely a must-try for your next happy hour teambuilding!

suminagashi diy kit

A virtual experience of practicing Japanese marbling technique using authentic Japanese Sumi Ink. Check out this BTS from our Suminagashi experience!

brown sugar bubble tea

Let's celebrate Taiwan's infamous drink through our Bubble Tea Making virtual experience. In this event, we go back to the origins of Bubble Milk Tea, its fun facts, a taste of three uniquely flavored boba recipes, and more of Taiwan's culture.

Chai Making

masala chai diy kit

Our Chai Masterclass is a custom experience you can host. Our local Indian instructor from Jaipur will teach you how to brew India’s traditional tea while also virtually exploring India’s rich customs and traditions. We also have the Henna and Culture experience to try!

aimee moslares-aguiree, kits by food craft owner

Kits by Food Craft is a Filipina-owned small business is an inspiration from the rich, diverse, and diverse cultures around the world. Each experience is thoughtfully curated to highlight the rich food, drinks, arts and crafts heritages of the world and promote cultural appreciation through a live demonstration virtual and in-person events with DIY Kits provided and shipped across the world.

in-person corporate teambuilding event

We want to create more memories celebrating AAPI Heritage Month in May by offering our in-person experience again. Let’s celebrate diversity through celebrations of cultures in our variety of food, drinks, and arts and crafts events.


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