Updated: Sep 14

Looking for reasons to get the fun times rolling? We've collected in this article the best reasons to celebrate March just for you!

Picture of reasons to celebrate march

March is the month of beginnings. As we welcome the season of Spring, it is also a time that Daylight Savings is on shift again. There are a lot of celebrations & observances that March has for us. From the funny celebrations, big & small observances, holidays, awareness days, and more. If you are looking for reasons to celebrate March & how to make the cheer for it, we’ve cut down the best ones for you.

7 Best Reasons To Celebrate March

March is jampacked with exciting and significant celebrations. From National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day to month-long celebrations of Crafts and Women’s Month, there’s always a reason to pop confetti. Although this time, we have trimmed the long list of celebrations to the 7 best reasons to celebrate March, why, and how to celebrate them in more memorable ways.

1. Craft Month

Being crafty is in all of us. It’s just that sometimes, we need a little inspiration to unleash our creative sides. Craft Month was first declared back in 1994 by Craft & Hobby Association. It aimed to revive the joy brought by crafting & to promote discovering new hobbies.

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