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Updated: May 16

Looking for reasons to get the fun times rolling? We've collected in this article the best reasons to celebrate March just for you!

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March is the month of beginnings. As we welcome the season of Spring, it is also a time that Daylight Savings is on shift again. There are a lot of celebrations & observances that March has for us. From the funny celebrations, big & small observances, holidays, awareness days, and more. If you are looking for reasons to celebrate March & how to cheer for it, we’ve cut down the best ones for you.

7 Best Reasons To Celebrate March

March is jam-packed with exciting and significant celebrations. From National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day to month-long celebrations of Crafts and Women’s Month, there’s always a reason to pop confetti. However this time, we have trimmed the long list of celebrations to the 7 best reasons to celebrate March, why, and how to celebrate them in more memorable ways.

1. Craft Month

Being crafty is in all of us. It’s just that sometimes, we need a little inspiration to unleash our creative sides. Craft Month was first declared back in 1994 by Craft & Hobby Association. It aimed to revive the joy brought by crafting & to promote discovering new hobbies.

Going outdoors is all fun until you find something that would make you want to stay home. That’s the feeling you’ll get when you find your love for an indoor craft in our Suminagashi virtual experience. Bring nature closer to home while enlivening your space for a subtle, natural vibe that’s trendy without maintenance.

2. Women’s History Month

March highlights Women’s Month. It’s a month-long observance to celebrate women’s accomplishments in society until today. It is a reminder & a chance to recognition for all the women who paved their way to change & significant impacts, from politics, and science to rights.

Every woman who has accomplished so many great things, even those still in the works of attaining success, deserves a special treat. Send them an Energy Cleansing Kit that will boost their confidence, empowering them more than ever!

3. Employee Appreciation Day, March 1st

“Thank you” or “Good job!” sure are music to any employee’s ears. But what does employee appreciation mean? Employees are the greatest assets of any company. They are the backbone of success. Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated to honor an organization’s workforce for their value & worth.

Sushi Kit

Today is the day when you can invite your precious people to a Bubble Tea Making or Sushi Rolling virtual shared experience that offers the best time to share moments & stories. When employees are appreciated, they are most likely to improve their work morale, performance, productivity, retention, engagement & loyalty.

4. International Women’s Day, March 8th

Women’s Month is already celebrated in the entirety of March, but of course, women of history & today deserve to be celebrated globally every 8th of the month. Women have fought the most challenging battles in societal & political issues, and they have overcome them through their social, political, economic, & cultural aspects.

One great way to celebrate this important day is to involve yourself & more empowered women in a Furoshiki Hand Bag virtual experience that promotes learning and adopting a more environment-conservative and sustainable with an eco-friendly fabric bag that is still stylish.

5. St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th

There’s a lot of history dating back to when St. Patrick’s Day was first celebrated. It was initially celebrated religiously back in the 5th Century as a commemoration of St. Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland. Yes, without the parades & green beer. It was not until the 1960s that the celebration evolved to how it is celebrated today– shamrock, parades, and anything green.

It's anything emerald & Irish from what people wear to what people prepare to feast. If you’ve run out of ideas about how St. Patrick’s Day would be different this year, join a virtual shared experience in a fancy Cookie Decorating using freshly-baked cookies, decorated in St. Patrick's Day-themed sprinkles and icings! It's a wonderful way to connect with your family, especially kids, friends, and even teammates.

6. National Cocktail Day, March 24th

You might have heard about days honoring specific drinks like Margarita Day. But what makes today a little different is that we get to have a toast for all of the cocktail drinks we love! Cocktails are drinks with a couple or more ingredients in their concoction apart from the alcohol content. Fun fact: The first defined cocktail drink was consumed in New York in 1806.

National Cocktail Day could be the best excuse to indulge in your choice of cocktails. But you can always go for mixes that you’ll never get anywhere else. Kits by Food Craft gives you a couple of choices to enjoy this day. Cocktails & Mocktails features top alcoholic faves with a twist on spice infusion. Our Tipsy Boba Making virtual experience gives you a taste of both worlds by letting you dive into your bubble tea cravings camouflaged with a bit of kick from the premium alcohol included in the kit.

7. Start of Spring, March 20th

Seasons have their community of fans, but Spring is the best season to do fun things for us. This year, on March 20, we will officially welcome Spring. Spring blooms, new beginnings, and finding a new hobby such as getting involved in a Moss Wall Art virtual experience might just be one of the nicest decisions you'll make for the month. A spring-inspired moss art enhances your space’s vibes just right before summer kicks in!

Bring Joy & Connection

The list of reasons to celebrate March we noted above makes celebrations more memorable than just a random walk or picnic in the park. Although we’ve narrowed the list down, it is also essential to know that you can also observe different awareness days of social topics such as World Teen Mental Wellness Day, National Nutrition Month, or National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. We can always recognize these days while making their celebrations worthwhile.

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