Support and celebrate Pride Month at work. Here are the best ways to do it in-person and virtually!

people in pride parade raising their posters

We’ve come a long way in this pandemic-stricken world. A lot has changed since covid started, especially in our workplaces. From working hand-in-hand to working through chats, e-mails, and meetings with your peers, diversity, and inclusion are two things that remain constant in work cultures.

The third sex has not been graciously welcomed in society, and history tells its story. On June 28, 1969, Stonewall Riots or Stonewall Uprising sparked the first protest that has made an enormous impact that we have embraced until this day. Thus, making June Pride Month. As a community that values inclusion and the hard-fought win against the battle of prejudice and exclusion, we want to share thoughtful ways to celebrate Pride Month.

Celebrating Pride Month At Work

Every society and workplace involves people with various sexual orientations. It is reported that 46% of the LGBTQ+ employees have reported receiving unjust treatment in some instances in their workplaces for reasons of their gender identities. It also found that their employment opportunities were jeopardized more during the pandemic, such as denial of a job or promotion and the likes. So whether you are a team leader or a teammate who wants to support the community and equal rights, celebrating Pride Month at work is an excellent opportunity to give your team the best recognition they deserve!

Virtual Pride Month Celebration Ideas To Do At Work

1. Switch Up Virtual Meetings Background