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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Support and celebrate Pride Month at work. Here are the best ways to do it in-person and virtually!

people in pride parade raising their posters

We’ve come a long way in this pandemic-stricken world. A lot has changed since covid started, especially in our workplaces. From working hand-in-hand to working through chats, e-mails, and meetings with your peers, diversity, and inclusion are two things that remain constant in work cultures.

The third sex has not been graciously welcomed in society, and history tells its story. On June 28, 1969, Stonewall Riots or Stonewall Uprising sparked the first protest that has made an enormous impact that we have embraced until this day. Thus, making June Pride Month. As a community that values inclusion and the hard-fought win against the battle of prejudice and exclusion, we want to share thoughtful ways to celebrate Pride Month.

Celebrating Pride Month At Work

Every society and workplace involves people with various sexual orientations. It is reported that 46% of LGBTQ+ employees have reported receiving unjust treatment in some instances in their workplaces for reasons of their gender identities. It also found that their employment opportunities were jeopardized more during the pandemic, such as denial of a job or promotion and the like. So whether you are a team leader or a teammate who wants to support the community and equal rights, celebrating Pride Month at work is an excellent opportunity to give your team the best recognition they deserve!

Virtual Pride Month Celebration Ideas To Do At Work

1. Switch Up Virtual Meetings Background

pride background for virtual meetings

The easiest one yet. Let’s maximize the opportunity with the virtual meetings we participate in. Skip the dull and blurred backgrounds (no offense to zoom and google meet). Let’s give life to meetings!

  • Pride Flag or Rainbow Flag

  • Drag Queens Background

  • Icons of the LGBTQIA+ Community

  • Pride Parade Photo

  • Pride Quotes

  • Anything that screams Pride!

2. Pride Month Latte & Trivia

kits by food craft latte and trivia virtual experience

What an ideal way to get everyone together for a Latte and Trivia virtual experience like what we offer at Kits by Food Craft. In this 1-hour, fully-organized exclusive experience, our host and instructor will guide your team through creating three unique latte recipes while being up for the challenge in knowledge questions surrounding the LGBTQIA+ context. The experience is provided with kits that have what the team will need. All you have to do is take a quick refresher on the topic!

3. Invite to Meet A Drag Queen

four drag queens

Ah, yaaas! Drag Queens are life to every Pride Month celebration! You are booking them for entertainment, allowing your team to be familiar with drag. Still, it is also high time to support the artists who pivoted to virtual performances because of the CoVid restrictions. We recommend hosting a Cocktails and Mocktails virtual mixology class with kits and inviting over a Drag Queen to participate in creating three unique concoctions while giving you an over-the-top performance!

4. LGBTQIA+ Employee Recognition

kits by food craft diy kits

Sadly enough, a significant part of the LGBTQIA+ community has experienced unjust treatment in some workplaces. As a company that gives high regard to the community, take a step on how to avoid this occurrence. Show support to the community's people by recognizing them by hosting remote team-building activities to give monetary rewards, notes, or letters. But for a more special reward, gift your team a DIY Kits that they can treasure!

5. Queer Light Cooking Session

For the entirety of June, your team can plan out a celebration like a light cooking session that everyone will say yes to! Is your team up for a fiery experience or something savory? Our Hot Sauce Making and Sushi Rolling virtual team-building activities are your best choices to interact with your team and with our Chef, Allen, who is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community too to hear their stories and experiences! These events are fully-hosted, too, with kits delivered internationally for a hassle-free experience.

6. Support An LGBTQIA-Owned Online Business

LGBTQIA+ small businesses products

Part of the repercussions of the pandemic was, if not shut down, a downturn in businesses from micro to top dogs. As a way of coping with the consequences of CoViD, entrepreneurs took a risk by turning to businesses online. Here we have a list of LGBTQIA+ small businesses to support in celebrating Pride Month:

7. Tipsy Pride Happy Hour

kits by food craft tipsy bubble tea drinks

Nope, we ain’t getting drunk. Just fun and a little kick to keep everything on point! As one of our online team-building activities, our Tipsy Bubble Tea-making class is a great way to celebrate remotely as one of our online team-building activities. It is a lively and interactive experience that allows the team to party without the bustle at the bar counter. Our team will introduce you to the basic mixology of the unique spirit-infused bubble tea drinks. We recommend dressing up like rainbows and anything fab and sparkly to wrap up the party!

8. Virtual Pride Parade

guy in pride rainbow flag

If the team can’t make it to the streets, make it happen at home! Organize a virtual Pride parade to complete the celebration. Because what is Pride Month with Pride March, right? Ask the team to create rainbow flags, dress however they want (but make it an explosion of colors!), and encourage the team to invite their family or friends! Here are a few more ideas:

  • Ask the team to make use of props that are all glittery and colorful

  • Ask the team to record themselves giving out a message in support of the LGBTQIA+ community

9. Support LGBTQIA+ Organizations in Social Media

lambda legal LGBTQIA+ organization parade during pride month

Social Media creates and leaves a massive impact on our lives– in society. With technological advancements, social issues and news are quickly relayed to the world at the tip of our fingers. The internet is a vast space for information, but we are responsible for meddling only with credible sources, movements, and organizations to attain our goal of supporting a cause. For the whole month of June, make time to spread awareness by sharing news, information, and more about the LGBTQIA+ community.

kits by food crfat & kabisera nyc in-person event in new york

Our team at Kits by Food Craft and Kabisera Cafe NYC have collaborated for an event of Craft and Wine Night. Celebrate with us for a day of acquaintance, creativity, love, and pride. We invite you to join us in our Sip and Create Pride Moss Wall Art and wine-drinking activity on June 3, 2022, at Lower East Side, New York. It’s a refreshing and fun event to meet and be one with the community. And if you love wine, arts and crafts too, this is the best way to go! We only have a few slots more, so register early today! Book and register here now!

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