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Updated: May 16

Planning to give something special to your person but can’t figure out what? We’ve made Valentine’s Day easy for you with this list of gift ideas!

kits by food craft DIY kit box with self-care items; soap, lip scrub, dehydrated oranges, emoji cookie, candy hearts

Valentine’s Day is often associated with romance, a love for the cupid as they. But guess what, Valentine’s Day is not only for the romantic couple. It could also mean a time and a season to celebrate your love for your family, even your pets, anyone who matters to you, and friends. Have you ever heard of Galentine’s Day? Well, it essentially means a day to spend with the gals. When the season of love comes, people typically think of gifts but that should not really be the case.

There are so many ways to express your love; It comes in many forms not only through material stuff. But let’s be honest, it still would feel different unwrapping something on that day that will make their hearts flutter. So let’s cut to the chase, check out some of our personal favorites to get you started to plan the most memorable Valentine’s Day this 2023!

100 dates poster woth frame and flowers in vases on a table

This is not your regular poster. This 2023, explore spontaneity in your relationship with someone special to you. This poster gives you a fun way to make memories with new experiences.

acrylic frame night lamps with led lights

This one’s on our top list because we love how unique it is. Photographs are the true essence of reminiscing special moments and feelings. This gift idea makes sure you don’t only get to remember a special day but also light up the room with its led light too. You can even find one that includes a scannable Spotify song!

couple on a date night eating sushi rolls and drinking wine

Did you know there’s a much better idea than going through all the preparation to ready yourself for a date night out? Making it to our top list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas is planning a date night at home. Whether you’re a couple or only want to spend a special day with family or friends, cooking at home is the most ideal way to celebrate! Make it extra sweet by making sushi rolls. This DIY Sushi Rolling Kit is a memorable experience in a box!

mini heart cake for valentines day with tulips bouquet

The season of love is nothing without the sweet taste in your mouth. If your cupid is obsessed with anything made from confection, then Valentine’s Day is the right time to give them what will give them heart eyes! Order a custom cake or look out for a Valentine’s Day special of anything but a sugar rush.

5. Say yes! To Bubble Tea

kits by food craft diy kit with a glass of drink on the side and emoji cookie

It’s pretty taxing sometimes to think about a gift that will make someone special to you truly happy. If it helps, you can start by thinking about that person. What is it that they’re fond of, their favorite color, their favorite food, or try to remember that one thing that they love to talk about? It starts from there. But a top-tier recommendation would be a nice DIY Kit for Bubble Tea Making– it’s easy, delicious, and great to share too!

moveable acrylic storage cart with home stuff

We seriously cannot process how pretty this one is! If your person loves to organize and loves minimalist aesthetics, this is going to bring them over the moon. A multifunctional, movable cart that can store and keep everything intact is all they would ever wish for!

charcuterie board with appetizers and fruits

Remember when we said Valentine’s Day is not only for romantic love? Well, we’re sneaking in the day to spend with your ladies, and that is to meet at an event to make a Charcuterie Board on Galentine’s Day which is the day before the 14th. Charcuterie Board-making is a fun yet sophisticated experience to share with your friends. Plus, this French-origin activity has evolved with varieties too. Kits by Food Craft can customize your Charcuterie Board kit and plan a nice Galentine’s Day event for you. From appetizers to sweets– think of anything!

pink book and other pink women essentials

What’s your love language? Apart from giving gifts, letting your person know how much they mean to you is an ultimate gesture through notes. This notebook can treasure your words of adoration that will stay in their hearts forever.

kits by food crafts arts and crafts products (moss wall art, suminagashi, kintsugi)

We can relate, having someone creative is really challenging especially when it comes to contemplating that one gift that will leave them in awe. Leave it to us. We have picked out unique DIY Kits for adults who are creative geniuses through hobbies they are always excited to try on. These most-loved arts and crafts like Moss Wall Art, and Japanese-inspired hobbies such as Suminagashi and Kintsugi will definitely surprise them.

couple wearing matching pajamas

Spending quality time together is what makes every relationship stronger. If your partner likes to spend time at home, these sleeping jammies will definitely delight them. It’s worth the time to cozy cuddle!

kits by food craft energy cleansing kit with packaging box, tea, palo santo, blood sage, feather, matchsticks, tealight candle

We couldn’t skip something we find vital these days to everyone, be it for lovers, family, or friends. Everyday life can be pretty tough no matter the reason, and if Valentine’s Day is a day for love, this is perfect to let someone close to your heart experience a time of relaxation and cleansing. Go all out with this Energy Cleansing Kit that would revitalize them for sure!

kits by food craft chai masala tea kit with hot chai and variety of spices

Quality time also means getting to sit down with your cupid on any day, especially when it’s a bit rough and you want to talk about it. Having the time to stir up warm cups of Chai Masala at home and reconnect with each other beats over chocolates and roses Valentine’s Day gift ideas this year.

framed portrait of a couple in vector art with plants on the sides

Is taking pictures one of the favorite things you and your partner do together? Then you probably need something sweet and appealing, that as a personalized couple portrait where you get to frame a memorable photo of you, and add important details of your relationship like your anniversary!

Final Thought

furoshiki gift wrapped in cloth woth heart imprints on a table with heart cutouts

That's a wrap on our top picks for this year’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas. We hope we were able to help you sort out your gift plan to prepare for the celebration on this special day. But here’s our love gifting expert’s final tip for you, whatever present you have in mind, make it extra personal and memorable by wrapping it yourself. No, we are not talking about papercraft packages or bags. Learn a more sustainable, zero-waste Valentine’s Day gift through Furoshiki. Find out about it here.

Planning to have a celebration for all? Whether it’s with your team or your ladies for Galentine’s (okay, maybe for the entire year instead!), you have the other best choice for it with our catalog of unique experiences with DIY Kits for adults. Host a virtual event or in-person event for the gang as a way of celebrating each other with love. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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