8 Perfect Gifts for your Bubble Tea Obsessed Friend

Updated: Apr 27

We all have that friend that is bubble tea obsessed. That friend that can’t resist ordering bubble tea in or running around the corner to quell the craving. Some of us are that friend. Look no further for the most perfect Bobalicious gift guide.

1. Give your friend the gift of creating! Our DIY kit includes 10 drinks and recipes. There is no greater gift than the satisfaction of being able to make bubble tea yourself.

2. This boba Rug will cheer up any home- order today from happy rugs. These rugs are made to order so support a small business with this extra special gift.


3. These Boba Candles by Asian Boba Girl will bring calming comfort to any home. *Warning: may trigger an impulse bubble tea order.


4. If this bubble tea light from Smoko Now light doesn't make you smile we don't what will


5. Did you know the bubbles in bubble tea are actually referring to the foam and not the tapioca? This handheld foamer will make any at-home bubble tea seem professional.


6. For the skincare queen we can't think of anything more perfect than this bubble tea face mask from Boba Lab.


7. For the friend that wears their love for bubble tea on their sleeve checks out these cuties from PinPals!

8. To complete the Boba at home set up. Everyone needs a designated boba cup and Subtle Asian Kitchen has the best collection!

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