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Updated: May 16

We all have that friend who is bubble tea obsessed. That friend can’t resist ordering bubble tea or running around the corner to quell the craving. Some of us are that friend. Look no further for the most perfect Bobalicious gift guide.

1. Bubble Tea Making Kit

Give your friend the gift of creating! Our DIY Bubble Tea Making Kit includes 5 recipes. There is no greater gift than the satisfaction of making bubble tea yourself at home! Available in assorted, taro and brown sugar. Get it here: Food Craft DIY Shop

Assorted Bubble Tea Kit

2. Boba Plushie

This Boba Plushie will cheer up any home-- every boba lover. Plus, its materials are made eco-friendly too making it the perfect gift for your special someone! Get it here: FJZFING Store

Taro Boba Rug

3. Boba Candles

These Boba Candles by Asian Boba Girl will bring calming comfort to any home. *Warning: this may trigger an impulse bubble tea order. Get it here: Asian Boba Girl

Asian Boba Girl Drink

4. Bubble Tea Light

If this Bubble Tea Light from Smoko Now light doesn't make you smile we don't know what will. Get it here: SmokoNow

A picture of boba tea lantern

5. Milk Frother

Did you know the bubbles in bubble tea are actually referring to the foam and not the tapioca? This handheld foam maker will make any at-home bubble tea seem professional. Get it here: MudWtr

Foam making tool

6. Bubble Tea Mask

For the skincare queen, we can't think of anything more perfect than this bubble tea face mask from Annie's Way. Get it here: Annie's Way.

Bubble Tea Mask

7. Bubble Tea Pins

For the friend that wears their love for bubble tea on their sleeve check out these cuties from PinPals!

Bubble Tea Pinpals

8. Boba Charms

Boba charms for keychains and bracelets? Who doesn't love that? Meet Alex and her creations. Inspired by childhood nostalgia, she creates cultural stapes like boba made out of clay that reminds her of home. Visit her shop: WeeSnackShop

9. Virtual Bubble Tea Making Class

Make your boba experience extra special. Invite your friends, family, or team and jump on Zoom for a boba class with materials shipped to your doorsteps. Enjoy uniquely flavored bubble teas and be an instant bobarista as your instructor guides you every step of the way. Learn more here!

Did you know?

Kits by Food Craft is a Filipino-American woman-owned business. Learn about the story and what we do here!

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