Updated: Sep 14

How many times do you drink bubble tea in a month? According to GrabFood, Southeast Asians drink 4 cups of bubble tea per person per month. In the United States, it varies, however, it's mostly popular with university students where on average they drink 3 cups a month. WOW!

In my case once or twice a month would be more accurate. The last time I got one, I paid $7. Yes, more expensive than my cup of coffee but it’s so good, I can't resist.

Which brings me to the question, if it can be expensive, then have you ever thought of making them from scratch? Tell me what is on your mind, is it...

A) “Oooooh! I'd love to!”

B) “Eh! That’s too much work!”

Well if you answer “B”, you are probably right! but from my experience, it is so easy to make and a lot more delicious too! Anything homemade is yum. I’d say cleaning is more of a challenge than the actual recipe, which is true when you are cooking at home in any type of recipe.

But if you are up for the challenge and answered “A”, lucky you, we are sharing our homemade tapioca pearls recipe!

But first, what are tapioca pearls?

Cassava Plant

Did you recognize this root vegetable? It’s called CASSAVA! Also known as Yuca in South America. This is what your pearls are made out of. They turn this into a starch known as Tapioca Starch which can be used in a lot of desserts like my favorite, cassava cake from the Philippines.