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As much as anybody in the universe, you deserve your love and affection. We often care more about others hoping they will return the favor, only to discover that we were searching in the wrong places.

a happy lady gesturing a heart symbol with her hands

Why Self-Care is Important for Mental Health

Self-care is doing something that nurtures and honors ourselves and must start from within. Self-care is an individual practice of caring for one's well-being, including health and happiness, with or without the assistance of a healthcare professional.

It has been clinically demonstrated that self-care routines can improve your mental health by lowering your risk of illness, reducing stress, enhancing focus, minimizing frustration and anger, and increasing morale and vitality.

Kits that make you feel good!

Small acts of self-care can make a big difference in your overall well-being, especially if done on a regular basis.

Take a deep breath, grab a cup of tea, and let's get started on your self-care routine with these Kits by Food Crafts DIY Self-Care Kits and Activities:

kits by food craft energy cleansing kit with sage, dragon blood, matchbox, tealight, feather, tea bag, palo santo, sage

Unleash your inner psychic with Kits by Food Craft Energy Cleansing Kit. Get rid of the negative dense energy in your sacred space and begin a flourishing life.

Benefits you get from energy cleansing:

  • Cleanses the environment of all harmful energies, resulting in a positive energy environment

  • Increases awareness and focus

  • Therapeutic healing from wood-burning

  • Cleanses the mind and inspires creativity

  • Removes bad energies and seals and welcomes positivity

  • Improves sleep and rest

Kits by food craft assorted bubble tea kit with premium tea bags, fruit jelly, mango syrup, raw tapioca pearls, taro powder, non-dairy creamer, brown sugar syrup

Enjoy the best relaxation beverages that you can't get enough of! Upgrade your regular jasmine and Assam tea with Kits by Food Craft’s DIY Bubble Tea Kit, jam-packed with the best relaxation tea recipes. Plus, you can pair it with delectable sinkers - rainbow jelly and tapioca pearls. Happy sipping!

What's on the menu:

  • Assam Mango Fruit Tea

  • Jasmine Mango Fruit Tea

  • Assam Taro

  • Assam Brown Sugar

  • Jasmine Brown Sugar

kits by food craft chocolate truffle kit with 3 kinds of no-bake chocolate truffles

Energize your body and boost your enthusiasm while satisfying your sweet tooth with Kits by Food Craft’s DIY Chocolate Truffles Kit! These no-bake chocolate truffles will undoubtedly make your life sweeter and more interesting. It is customizable and easy to follow, whether you want to have your personal space or celebrate an occasion.

What's on the menu?

  • Honey Figs Truffle

  • Oreo Coconut Truffle

  • Cinnamon Coconut Truffle

It’s time you design your chocolate truffles to unleash your creativity!

kits by food craft sushi kit with raw japanese rice, soy sauce pack, reusable chopsticks, nori sheets, vinegar. seasoning, rolling mat, prep guide

Eating is synonymous with de-stressing. When you eat, your stress levels are easily tamed. If you’re in rollercoaster emotions and trying to step out of the chaos to stay in your own safe space, we guarantee you a light cooking session at home will make you feel better. Among our most-loved kits is our Sushi Kit which is quick and easy to do at home. It’s got the ingredients and materials you need to produce two types of sushi rolls– urumaki and temaki. You only have to get your choice of protein and vegetables which you may even find in the crisper! It’s a new experience to try by yourself while filling your tummy!

Activities that value self-care

masala chai with cinnamon

Team buildings are valuable for every corporate peer. At Kits by Food Craft, we have been keen to deliver virtual and in-person team-building activities that bring teams together and allow them to express themselves through experiences like Chai Making. Through their hands-on and personal participation in the class, our Chai Making experience is a prime example of a revitalizing activity that encourages the team to interact with one another. And fun fact, Chai has been proven even from centuries ago to help relieve stress thanks to herbs and spices incorporated in the drink. Even the smell of a cup of Chai is already enticing!

2. Engage in Arts and Crafts

Get artsy and crafty with these outside-the-box ideas of Kits by Food Crafts:

kits by food craft moss art creations for christmas, summer, and fall

Are you ready to start working on your MOSS-terpiece? If you enjoy nature and have artistic hands, this is the self-care kit for you.

This DIY Moss Art experience will add a natural touch to any space. It carefully preserves natural mosses for decoration purposes. This DIY experience will boost creativity while also improving mood and relaxation.

kits by food craft suminagashi kit with wooden coasters, black and red ink, aluminum tray, and paint brush

Upgrade your self-care routine and experience Japanese tradition and Culture through Paper Marbling! This Suminagashi Marbling Kit, with a hands-on live workshop demonstration, will improve your focus while you observe and relax.

kits by food craft virtual paint and greet llama with the team and the sample ceramic llama pottery

You and your team might not have heard about a castle called Shangri-Llama, but it truly exists in Texas! It's a place where royal llamas like Barrack o ‘Llama, Dalai Llama, and more are housed like how they are described. It’s a new way to have fun at work to shrug off stress at work with your team with enjoyable fun facts about the amazing creature.

This experience also allows you to virtual tour around the royal vicinity of these celebrities like how you had your museum tour in the good ‘ol days! What’s more interesting about the experience is having memorabilia of the event. Only this time, you have it personalized by painting it with your hands and playing with your imagination on how cute and cool your Llama pot will look. Sounds like the best stress reliever, right?

a group of people attending an energy cleansing class

Start your Energy Healing Class and heal from the inside out! Get your energy cleansing class, which includes an hour of live demonstration and materials like Palo Santo Stick, White Sage with Lavender, and Dragon's Blood Sage with Cinnamon. Purify your aura and embody the right energy with a body scan, meditation, smudging, and candle meditation. This spiritual experience will elevate your overall perspective, enhancing wellness, intuition, and chakra healing.

Prioritize Your Wellbeing

a happy lady reflected in the mirror and scribing a heart shape

In essence, self-care is doing something that feeds your body, refreshes your mind, and fuels your soul. Self-care isn't selfish; thus, it shouldn't be seen as a chore rather than a necessity. Self-care also assists us in becoming more aware of our personal needs. Through this, we can achieve our holistic development; physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, allowing us to live with morale and peace.

From stretching and jogging in the morning to a cup of tea or a plate of healthy food to finding the right self-care kit - it all matters. Taking care of yourself would definitely be easy peasy with the custom kits we offer at Kits by Food Craft!

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Cris Mae Loderico
Cris Mae Loderico
Feb 21, 2023

Bubble tea making is truly a self care! I love making it <3


I wish I could do and have everything in this list, especially the Energy Cleansing class!

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