As much as anybody in the universe, you deserve your love and affection. We often care more about others hoping they will return the favor, only to discover that we were searching in the wrong places.

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Why Self-Care is Important for Mental Health

Self-care is doing something that nurtures and honors ourselves and must start from within. Self-care is an individual practice of caring for one's well-being, including health and happiness, with or without the assistance of a healthcare professional.

It has been clinically demonstrated that self-care routines can improve your mental health by lowering your risk of illness, reducing stress, enhancing focus, minimizing frustration and anger, and increasing morale and vitality.

Kits that make you feel good!

Small acts of self-care can make a big difference in your overall well-being, especially if done on a regular basis.

Take a deep breath, grab a cup of tea, and let's get started on your self-care routine with these Kits by Food Crafts DIY Self-Care Kits and Activities:

1. Energy Cleansing Kit

kits by food craft energy cleansing kit with sage, dragon blood, matchbox, tealight, feather, tea bag, palo santo, sage

Unleash your inner psychic with Kits by Food Craft Energy Cleansing Kit. Get rid of the negative dense energy in your sacred space and begin a flourishing life.

Benefits you get from energy cleansing:

  • Cleanses the environment of all harmful energies, resulting in a positive energy environment

  • Increases awareness and focus

  • Therapeutic healing from wood-burning

  • Cleanses the mind and inspires creativity

  • Removes bad energies and seals and welcomes positivity

  • Improves sleep and rest

2. Assorted Bubble Tea Kit

Kits by food craft assorted bubble tea kit with premium tea bags, fruit jelly, mango syrup, raw tapioca pearls, taro powder, non-dairy creamer, brown sugar syrup

Enjoy the best relaxation beverages that you can't get enough of! Upgrade your regular jasmine and Assam tea with Kits by Food Craft’s DIY Bubble Tea Kit, jam-packed with the best relaxation tea recipes. Plus, you can pair it with delectable sinkers - rainbow jelly and tapioca pearls. Happy sipping!

What's on the menu: