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Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Looking for reasons to end the year right? We’ve collected the best celebrations in December for the last cheer in 2023!

kits by food craft banner holiday edition

The universe has saved the best for last, and that is December. It’s not just about the cozy nights, pajama parties, and snow fights. The last month has always prepared us for cheers and celebrations that are centered around compassion, generosity, and joy. End the year right with 10 of the best celebrations to look forward to in December.

National Women Support Women Day, Dec 1st

multicultural women supporting each other

Women in society experience struggles that leave them to fend for themselves. In 1909, 15,000 women marched the streets of New York demanding their basic rights & to end violence against women regardless of race, religion, gender identity, and ethnicity. Thus, on December 1st, 2018, National Women Support Women's Day was declared a national celebration in recognition of the importance of all women, and celebrating themselves.

Did you know Kits by Food Craft is a woman-owned small business with a multicultural team, and 75% of our team members are women? Learn more about how Kits by Food Craft, our journey, and our team!

Make A Gift Day, Dec 3rd

furoshiki fabric gift wrapping

Think of someone who doesn’t like gifts. None, right? We all love giving gifts and receiving them. Studies by biologists even mention that the gifting practice establishes an evolutionary act of dominance and affection. Even though it is not an official holiday, Make A Gift Day encourages people to personally make gifts for their loved ones.

The ideal practice to learn is Furoshiki– a sustainable, eco-friendly, and more personalized way of giving gifts. As a small business supporting a more eco-friendly lifestyle, we’ve curated a virtual experience to learn and share the idea of Furoshiki. Perfect for the holidays, for any celebration!

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day, Dec 4th

a corporate team during their charcuterie board making event in person with kits by food craft

A team is what makes any business or organization. Tasks get done easier when a dynamic team works and collaborates well together. For all the accomplishments any team achieves, team building events are one way to recognize what they produce.

Establish a stronger relationship within the workforce for a more productive, creative, and goal-oriented team. Find a variety of virtual and in-person events to plan your next virtual or in-person team activity any day of the month not only the 4th. Kits by Food Craft will plan, assist, and organize the event you want for the group!

National Letter Writing Day, Dec 7th

sumi card with personal note for heart of dinner

Times have changed. People have adapted to a more tech-savvy world, or so it seems. But this time around, we’re taking you back to the basics of letter writing. Only this time, the experience is more valuable. Together with Heart of Dinner, a New York-based organization aiding the Asian communities with free lunch and care packages, our team at Kits by Food is pleased to share a Sumi Card-making experience with hand-written notes for the packages to be distributed to our Asian elders. Learn more about the cause from this link.

Human Rights Day, Dec 10th

free hands for human ights day

Celebrated every 10th of December, Human Rights Day remembers the day when the General Assembly of the UN adopted and proclaimed 1948, the Declaration of Human Rights. Through this recognition, countries, and people worldwide have started to advocate for every person’s right to life, freedom, dignity, opportunities, and happiness. Celebrate this day by gathering your family, friends, or even colleagues to read about stories, and watch movies or documentaries that will help them understand the importance of human rights.

Gingerbread Decorating Day, Dec 12th

decorating gingerbreads in different icons and shapes using royal icing

What thing symbolizes the coming of a wonderful season more than gingerbread? It’s one of the oldest traditions and it will continue to be for the next generations to come. And because the holiday season is our personal favorite too, we want you to enjoy a moment with everyone to decorate gingerbread cookies. There’s no skill needed here, just free-hand decorating with limitless imagination! Take a look at how to get started here.

National Free Shipping Day, Dec 14th

kits by food craft diy kits photographed in different locations around the world

Love shopping but haven’t heard about this? Well, this is your treat (an early holiday treat, so to speak)! Mark your calendars every 14th of December because you can shop whatever you want on this day without having to worry about the shipping rates added to the items you’ve copped. This shopping holiday has officially joined the shop-and-bag vaganza. Look out for shops and get your packages ready. Get warmed up and check out a variety of DIY Kits here!

International Tea Day, Dec 15th

chai masala DIY kit by kits by food craft with hot chai in photo

Skip your regular drink today, we’re celebrating one of the world’s oldest and most popular beverages. To spill the tea, today seeks and celebrates the step to raise awareness on the impact of the tea trade on tea farmers and workers. Come join us for a cup of tea-making with your friends in a virtual class of Chai Making– an authentic taste of India’s traditional drink that brims with plentiful body and mind benefits while keeping you cozy for the holidays and winter season!

Christmas, Dec 25th

gift-giving of kits by food craft diy kit

Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Christ by millions of people across the world. Its celebration varies from religion to culture, but the spirit of Christmas never changes. It’s a time of oneness, giving, love, and forgiveness. Visiting the church, gift-giving, feasting, cards, and so on are only a few of the most-loved traditions of this day. If you’re looking for something new, unique, and valuable gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, you’ll love our catalog of DIY Kits for adults and even DIY Kits that kids will love. Explore more about it!

New Year’s Eve, Dec 31st

plao santo sticks burnt for kits by food craft energy cleansing experience

Alright, we know. You’re thinking how 2023 came in like lightning getting past the days just like that. Everything happened fast, but one thing’s for sure, this year has given us quite the ride. At least we have slowly broken the thorns of a terrible pandemic, and we’re all trying to live how we used to. Now bid goodbye to the old year and hi to life anew. Cleanse and energize for the new year. Let our healing guru help you attract the right energy to make you feel renewed in an Energy Cleansing experience that allows you to release negativity, find your balance, and revitalize your mind, body, and soul.

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