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Updated: May 16

and MockThe holidays are peeking! Get ready to party with the gang in these virtual & in-person experiences for 2023 holiday socials!

Zoom call

Our current situation has been challenging for everyone’s well-being, specifically mental health. Giving an organization a chance to revitalize itself is an ultimate great move. But how will remote teams do it? Of course, virtual events let you reconnect with your remote team safely at home. With the holiday season drawing closer, this list of virtual & in-person events for 2023 holiday socials is all you will ever need!

Hep Hep Hurray!

1. Virtual Happy Hour

Happy Hour is probably the favorite event organizations do. In the workforce, everyone is an adult. At Kits by Food Craft, we offer a virtual experience where a remote team can make unique beverages. This quarter, we want to spice up your happy hour with your awesome team with a new shared experience-- Spiced Cocktails and Mocktails. This experience is perfect for everyone who is into alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with a surprising twist!

Oh, and before we forget. You might also consider booking a special event for the team that won't make everyone tipsy but still into the party with our Zero-Proof Mixology. If you want to learn more about how awesome this holiday event would be, talk to our event expert!

2. Virtual Gift-Giving Party

For someone staying at home for work and missing the holiday thrill in the office, gift-giving is another virtual event suited to the holiday season. Another treasure we have at Kits by Food Craft is that we have a variety of DIY Kits you can gift a colleague (or even a loved one!). Relive the exciting gift-giving season at the office by participating in a virtual event where everyone can showcase the gifts they receive from anyone on the team!

3. Chai Making

Chai Making

For a warm event with kits that already include the concoction you need for this event, you book a Chai Making virtual class with Kits by Food Craft. No need for the team to go outside and buy the ingredients required for the experience. All you have to do is wait for our kits to arrive at your doorstep (guaranteed fast), and prepare for a cozy night with your colleagues!

4. Holiday Heist

If your team is up for a riddled challenge, then Holiday Heist it is! This virtual event game goes on for 90 minutes of guessing. The team will have to determine the suspect for the stolen eggnog recipe. The remote team will be participating in solving puzzles and collecting clues. Sounds cool!

5. Dress-Up Holiday

Let’s ditch the work-from-home outfits and dress up for the team’s virtual team-building holiday activities. Let your team feel the holiday season despite being at home by participating in a dress-up holiday virtual event. You can also find costume ideas here. Host a costume contest with a nice prize for the winner to take the event a notch!

6. Volunteer for the Elderly Community

The holiday season is a time for empathy, generosity, and compassion. Heart of Dinner works to fight food insecurity and isolation experienced by Asian American seniors—two long-standing community issues heightened by the pandemic. They serve elders throughout NYC, delivering weekly care packages filled to the brim with culturally thoughtful hot lunches, fresh groceries, pantry essentials, and bulk ingredients while supporting local small businesses during their COVID-related recovery process. Their carefully curated foods are bundled inside uniquely decorated bags with handwritten love notes.

7. In-Person Bubble Tea Making Class

Food fuels us at work, but the eating experience is even better with a nice go-to drink. If your team is around NYC, it’s high time you host an in-person Bubble Tea Making Class! Create 3 recipes using your boba tea-making kit we will deliver to your event space in NYC or Dallas with your team while you share holiday plans!

8. Suminagashi Card-making

From friends and neighbors to teammates, sending them a card to extend your holiday season’s greetings is heartfelt. At Kits by Food Craft, we have curated a new experience celebrating the Japanese heritage through their traditional art of– Suminagashi. Stimulate the team’s imagination by creating unique pieces using authentic Sumi ink with marbling techniques. When the time comes, your recipients will be blown away by your personalized greeting card.

9. Virtual Holiday Dinner Party

The holiday season is when we delight in tasty dishes served on the table with fancy plates, cutleries, and decorations. Thus, hosting a virtual holiday dinner party. Try something new with Kits by Food Craft’s Sushi Rolling event. In this experience, everyone receives a kit to create two umami sushi guided by our fantastic chef. While at the event, the team can exchange the best holiday memories with everyone!

10. Hot Sauce Making Class

One of the unique experiences at Kits by Food Craft is our Hot Sauce-making event. If you’re having a virtual dinner party with your remote team as one of your holiday socials, then it is best when you have something to pair the dishes with. This virtual event hosted by Kits by Food Craft teaches everyone to create two kinds of savory sauces. On top of that, each member has the chance to save their sauces to share with family at Christmas and New Year gatherings, thanks to the bottles included in the kit!

11. Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrapping

Holidays are a season of gift-giving, but sometimes, it’s a tough thing to do. Thankfully, as a team with a passion for crafting, we want to share a valuable experience with you in the most awaited moments of the year. We will provide all the materials needed in this unique class. Learn how to beautifully wrap gifts and unravel a skill that has been kept hidden within through Furoshiki. With personally wrapped gifts, your loved ones are sure to feel a little more special than they already are!

12. Paint & Greet Llama

Another cool idea to host for your holiday socials is booking a Paint and Greet Llama party with our team. The remote team can participate in a virtual event hand painting adorable ceramic Llama pottery to get their painting skill up a notch that will also look perfect with a succulent plant. The entire team and the kids at home will meet the Llama celebrities at ShangriLlama (Yes! It’s a real place!) and learn cool facts about them too!

13. Holiday-themed Cookie Decorating Class

For something wholesome and smooth sailing, Kits by Food Craft offers a virtual event of Cookie Decorating experience. The kit is holiday-themed and includes freshly baked cookies for everyone to decorate. Team members can also invite their kids to create their holiday-themed cookies!

14. Holiday Dessert Party

filipino truffles

Every holiday social should have a set of yummy desserts. Kits by Food Crafts Filipino Chocolate Truffle-making experience lets the remote team create three fantastic tasting truffles over the screen highlighting the decadent flavors of the Philippines such as Ube, Coconut, and Mango. Complete your holiday socials with a dessert that your team will love. If you want, add this with another event idea for twice the fun virtual holiday socials!

The world has adapted to the idea of a new normal and embraced the value of flexibility. Even though days have been better, many people are still adept at being remote, especially the ones associated with the corporate world. Teambuilding activities like socials have been put at minimal observance, but that’s one of the reasons why Kits by Food Craft was founded.

We have always envisioned connecting people from around the world through virtual experiences. The foundation of joy and connection between guests is what we value most. From anywhere in the world, we make it possible for our guests to connect with each other and raise the importance of creative collaboration, trust, productivity, and a healthier workspace.


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