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Updated: May 16


Have you ever seen those mesmerizing marbled patterns in traditional Japanese artwork? That is the beautiful art of Suminagashi. But this technique has a way cooler backstory than you might think.

1. It's Been Around for Ages (Literally!)

Suminagashi isn't some new-age fad. Its roots trace back to Heian period Japan (794-1185 AD), where it was used to create stunning decorative papers. Back then, only the super important people got to enjoy suminagashi. They used it to create beautiful decorative papers for fancy documents and artwork. Imagine sending a letter with a one-of-a-kind, swirly design – that would seriously impress your friends!

ink marbling patterns

2. The Name Totally Gives it Away

The word "suminagashi" itself is a thing of beauty. It translates to "floating ink," perfectly capturing the essence of this technique. Sumi refers to the traditional Japanese ink used, while "nagashi" means "to float." So, next time you see those mesmerizing patterns, remember, you're witnessing the art of floating ink!

ink marbling art

3. It's More Than Just Paper (Think Fabric and Ceramics!)

While the marbled paper is the most well-known application of suminagashi, this technique can be used on a surprising variety of surfaces! Imagine gorgeous, one-of-a-kind fabric with swirling patterns or stunning ceramic pieces adorned with mesmerizing designs. The possibilities are truly endless.


4. It's a Journey of Discovery, Not Control

Unlike many art forms where precision reigns supreme, suminagashi embraces a more relaxed approach. The beauty lies in the element of surprise. You create the ink bath, manipulate it gently, and then watch as the inks dance and swirl on the surface, forming unique patterns. It's a meditative process that allows you to let go and enjoy the journey of creation.


5. Anyone Can Unleash Their Inner Suminagashi Master

Think you need years of artistic training to create stunning suminagashi art? Think again! The beauty of this technique lies in its accessibility. With a little guidance and the right tools (hint, hint: Kits by Food Craft offers amazing Suminagashi Kits!), you can be creating your own masterpieces in no time. It's a fantastic activity for individuals, families, or even team-building exercises.



Unleash Your Creativity and Embrace Suminagashi!

Here at Kits by Food Craft, an AAPI woman-owned small business with a multicultural team, we're passionate about promoting cultural experiences through creative activities. Suminagashi is a perfect example of how art can connect people, foster mindfulness, and create lasting memories.

Ready to explore the world of suminagashi and create your own unique artwork? Here's how you can join the fun:

  • Book an Event: We offer exciting Suminagashi workshops that are perfect for birthday parties, team outings, or simply a fun activity with friends. Reach out to us and let's create a memorable experience together!

  • Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Stay updated on all our latest workshops, craft kits, and cultural explorations by signing up for our newsletter. We promise to deliver a dose of creativity and cultural inspiration straight to your inbox!

Let's embrace the beauty of suminagashi and celebrate the joy of shared experiences. We can't wait to see what stunning creations you come up with!


Free Suminagashi Workshop: Learn the Art of Marbling

Have you ever been captivated by the swirling, marbled patterns on traditional Japanese artwork? That mesmerizing technique is called suminagashi, and guess what? You can learn how to create your masterpieces for FREE!

Here at Kits by Food Craft, we're hosting a FREE virtual community event dedicated to the art of suminagashi. This fun and relaxed session will guide you through the easy-to-follow steps of suminagashi, so you can unleash your inner artist and create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. It's perfect for anyone who wants to explore their creativity in a stress-free way, no prior experience required!

Register now and secure your place in this exciting virtual workshop.

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