Updated: Sep 14

Ease your mind thinking of what to serve for the holiday feast. Get these best side dish recipes that will make Thanksgiving out of the ordinary!

Thanksgiving dinner

It’s kind of challenging to think about what food to prepare on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a holiday that almost feels like Christmas. And as part of its tradition, it is on Thanksgiving day that people gather for a feast with their loved ones, acquaintances, or work colleagues. Apart from celebrating the fruits of hard work and good things that have happened in our lives, it’s also a day where we cozy up and participate in gleeful activities. But due to the pandemic, we are breaking yet again a few Thanksgiving traditions this year. As the Centers for Disease Prevention recommends, everyone should instead get involved in a virtual Thanksgiving to maximize everyone’s protection from the coronavirus and possibly spread it to others. But sure enough, you will celebrate Thanksgiving with your family at home.

Child eating turkey

Keep Calm and Gobble On

If you’re the type who likes to own the kitchen and unleash your inner Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsey, Marco Pierre, or Martha Stewart persona, then this should excite you for the upcoming Thanksgiving. Well, even if you’re just someone who loves smelling the aroma from the dishes and those lovely chaotic sizzles happening on the pan, you would want to request these Thanksgiving side dishes for this year's celebration.

1. Cranberry Orange Relish

Say goodbye to canned goods, and hello to this healthy Thanksgiving relish. Catching up on a crunch time is no fun until you get your hands on making this side dish with the fewest but freshest ingredients in under thirty minutes. It's amazing with any other dish on the mantle!