Updated: Sep 27

Bubble Teas make life better, but the pearls make them luscious! Find out in this blog the quickest way to cook tapioca pearls.

raw tapioca pearls in a cup

Although the introduction of Bubble Tea to society is uncertain, the craze has been evident since the 1980s. During that time, Milk Tea was already somehow a principal drink in beverage drinking. Many entrepreneurs would set up stalls in different locations in Taiwan, mostly in front of schools. With its popularity, vendors were innovative in introducing new twists to the infamous drink. Thus, the term “bubble” emerged from the bubbles created in making the beverage. And in time, Liu Han Chieh invented the black tapioca pearls, inspired by their popular tapioca balls desserts. Liu wanted to combine three of their staple goodies in one quintessential drink, which has heavily influenced today's society.

Completing Your Go-To Drink

3 different bubble tea recipes

People around the world have been drinking tea for centuries for many reasons. Tea plays a vital role in diverse heritage. One of the many drinks infused with tea is Boba Tea or Bubble Tea. Sometimes it’s even Bubble Milk Tea, depending on the flavors and add-ons that vendors would introduce. Tapioca pearls add texture, chewiness, and flavor to any boba tea! Did you know our DIY Kits on our webshop are also available on Amazon and Etsy? Our most-loved DIY bubble tea kits, powders, syrups, and add-ons are recommended must-try!

If you have your powder mixes ready, but your raw tapioca pearls are just sitting in the corner, this is your way out.

Ingredients & Materials Needed

sugar cane and sugar cane powder, brown sugar syrup and vacuum-sealed raw tapioca pearls

Ingredients: ½ cup raw Tapioca Pearls

6 cups Water

One tablespoon of Brown Sugar Syrup

red medium-sized colander with pot and laddle

Materials: Medium Pot

Wooden Spoon/Ladle


Clean Medium-sized Container