Updated: Sep 14

If you said “bubble tea” to someone just a few years ago, they may have thought you were confused - what could those two words possibly mean together? Maybe they would imagine some type of spherical tea drink or a good brew with a layer of soap suds on top. As opposed to those people of the year’s past expecting some soapy tea, people these days are really jumping on the boba train, celebrating it as one of the best drinks to get on the go, and sharing its unique flavors with their friends and family.

If you’ve ever had it, I’m sure you’d be able to see why nearly everyone is so on board - the sweet milk tea is creamy and delicious, and those boba pearls offer something totally different and fun to chew on while you sip! What a gift - there’s really nothing like it. In fact, being that bubble tea is originally from Southeast Asia, many of the recipes themselves include some surprising ingredients and flavors that may strike drinkers as unique or exciting, and which many people may not be familiar with (if you want to learn more about the exciting history of bubble tea - check out this blog!).

After a few years of being in the mainstream, talented bobaristas have developed a number of incredible recipes to mix up some great bubble tea. In order to pare down that list, I decided to make a lineup - consider this a database, and prepare to read on for the top ten best bubble tea flavors around the world (in my humble opinion, anyway).


#10: The Classic Milk Tea

Boba Guys Drink

Alright alright, I know this is the simplest boba order out there, but there’s no way the original wasn’t going to make the list. If you’ve yet to go on your maiden voyage, this would be an excellent place to start. To make this, bobaristas start by brewing some black tea - while this varies from shop to shop, you may be surprised to find that some places like to use a combination of teas in their recipe to deepen the flavor in order to offer a good foil for the sweet, creamy ingredients that come next. My suggestion? Look for one that uses Yunnan Pu'erh Tea. It’s an ancient fermented black tea from the Yunnan Province in China that offers a really unique, complex flavor to put a twist on the original. Believe it or not, the popular chain Boba Guys uses this along with an Assam tea and a Ceylon tea in their recipe to create the best, perfectly deep, balanced flavor of their classic milk tea!