Diwali 2021: A Festival of Lights in the US

Updated: Apr 18

India is known for its colorful and festive celebrations. These celebrations are often loud, full of life, immensely intense, and sometimes chaotic. Indian holidays and festivals are not just celebrated in India alone or other Southeast Asian countries like Singapore, with over 354 thousand Indian-Singaporean citizens. Indian festivals and holidays are commemorated everywhere in the world, specifically in the USA. In the latest survey, approximately 4.4 million Indian immigrants are residing in the USA.

"The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals." - Siddharth Katragadda

India’s famous writer, Siddharth Katragadda, said, “The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals.” Indian festivals are always related to different religions, beliefs, faith, and other factors. Their festivals are some of the biggest celebrations in Asia. The most popular and is considered one of India’s most important celebrations is Diwali. Allow us to walk you through the coolest ways to celebrate Diwali 2021 in the US!


What is Diwali?

Diwali is considered to be the most important celebration of the year by Indians. It is a time for the celebration of conquering evil with goodness and light over darkness. Diwali is a festival of lights and is observed for five days. Each day of Diwali has its corresponding significance that Indian communities follow and observe.

"... a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness."

On the first day of Diwali, also called Dhanteras, Indian people pray to their Goddess, Lakshmi, who transforms dreams into reality, and is a Goddess of good fortune. On the same day, people cook traditional Indian desserts, go shopping, and clean their homes in preparation for the next day of Diwali. On the second day, Chhoti Diwali, they decorate their houses with lamps or Diyas in India, which symbolizes goodness; lighting the Diyas means people get rid of impurities. Indians also decorate their homes with Rangolis, an art form whose patterns are designed mostly on the floor. The third day of Diwali, or Lakshmi Puja is the most important; people honor their Goddess Lakshmi in their temples. For some, it is a day to feast with friends and family. Others would light fireworks and lanterns or lamps they had prepared on the second day. The next day, the fourth day of Diwali, Govardhan Puja, is considered the “New Year.” People also consider exchanging gifts and warm greetings like on Christmas. The last day of Diwali, or Bhai Doojm, is when siblings honor each other by holding a Tilak ceremony. Between October to November, thousands of Hindus or American-Hindus celebrate Diwali during the fall season. In New York, Diwali celebrants offer their prayers and offerings during the Hawan ceremony. And one of the biggest celebrations of Diwali that is carried out outside of India is in New York Times Square. The Diwali celebration features an amazing lineup of performances such as Bollywood concerts, singing and dance performances, fireworks, and a number of food stalls that sell Indian goods.


Celebrating Diwali 2021 in the US

As part of the tradition of celebrating Diwali, people in India light up fireworks. They use a variety of fireworks on the third day to welcome prosperity and light from the Goddess of wealth and good fortune, Lakshmi. However, India has the worst air pollution in the world. It has been reported to cause death for nearly 1.7 million Indians. Thus, pushing the Indian government to ban fireworks on the day when they are used excessively. Although Diwali is the most important holiday in Indian culture, its government seeks to administer the hazardous concern with its air pollution. Sadly, the step hasn’t been successful because many Indians refuse to rid of the idea of using fireworks during Diwali.

This year, as the pandemic still exists, the Diwali festivals may be celebrated in restrictions again. Some temples might be closed. Diwali family gatherings might not also be as lavish as things used to be. Families may be more intimate in celebrating Diwali. In the US, Diwali festival celebrations in the cities of New York to San Antonio may be commemorated online.


Fun Diwali 2021 Virtual Activities

Because of the pandemic, Diwali is celebrated differently. But that doesn’t mean the true essence of the five-day-long festivities is taken away. Rituals, prayers, fireworks, and social gatherings may not be fully experienced yet because of today’s crisis. Thankfully, in the modern era, online events are possible.

Kits by Food Craft offers virtual classes to your friends, family, and work colleagues in the observance of the Diwali festivities. This time of the quarter, Kits by Food Craft also celebrates Indian culture through shared experiences through virtual events. Just in time for Diwali 2021!

1. Henna and Culture

Henna is significant and a tradition in Indian culture. Henna is an ancient form of art and is also used on significant occasions. In Diwali 2021, booking a henna class with Kits by Food Craft is a great idea to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. It is also an ideal time to learn more about the mesmerizing culture of India. The Henna and Culture virtual event includes kits with the materials needed to create your henna designs. The online event is also guaranteed to make the experience worthwhile with our cool, Trueblood Indian host. Here’s a snippet of how exciting the event is!

2. Chai Master Class

Indians love to drink tea, which makes our Chai Master Class the perfect online event you can join in celebrating Diwali, where food and drinks are two of the essential things in the festival. The kits already include the freshest ingredients to make Chai. It is hosted by our Indian class master, Monty, a culinary guide and chef streaming from Jaipur, India, who also makes great Chai from a personal pass-down recipe of the family.

3. Indian Sweets

Like most of India’s extravagant holidays, Diwali is also celebrated with a feast of food and drinks. Experience a different kind of Diwali 2021 celebration with Kits by Food Craft’s custom virtual event that caters to any activity you want. You can go for any traditional cuisine like the most-loved Coconut Ladoo-- a sweet, textured Indian dessert. Book a custom event anytime, even after Diwali 2021!


Diwali is both a time for celebration and reflection. Today, we are forced to stay home and observe the holiday differently because of restrictions and current situations. Despite that, it’s never impossible to book a special virtual event and immerse in a cultural experience with kits delivered at your doorstep through Kits by Food Craft’s Kits by Demand. Our team is always on the line at experience@foodcraftnyc.com, to arrange an extraordinary virtual experience for you, your family, friends, or the team! Happy Diwali 2021!

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