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Suminagashi Kit

1. Book Your Event

Choose from our variety of most-loved and customizable food, drink, and craft experiences. Book your next thoughtfully planned kit-inclusive event on-site.

Kits by Food Craft Gift box

2. Guest Registration

Food Craft NYC will help you host an incredible experience for your guests in person in NYC and DFW. Our team accurately gathers all information to organize your event to ensure a stress-free experience for all!

Kits by Food Craft Box

3. Shipped with Care

We thoughtfully curate and pack each event kit to guarantee they securely arrive on site to complete the in-person event.

Bubble Tea Event in NYC

4. On-Site Experience

Our team of fun hosts & instructors compliant with COVID protocols will meet you on-site to bring you a worry-free, more enjoyable event of all-inclusive experiences.

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We're keeping it real with reels! Watch how we get those uniquely fun & creative moments in motion with Food Craft NYC reels!

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Meet our event experts for a complimentary event consultation & planning


Do you have a physical location for in-person events in NYC and Dallas?

We currently don’t have a physical location. We ship the materials to your site and our hosts will travel to your location.

What is the maximum number of guests you can host?

Do you need access to a kitchen?

Our experiences are best enjoyed with a group of 25 below. In each event, there will be 2-3 Food Craft hosts to ensure a hands-on experience.

Access to a full kitchen is not required. However access to a sink, running water, and microwave might be needed.

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