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Updated: Mar 26

We have to gear up as International Women’s Day (IWD) is just around the corner. It's a time to recognize the progress we've made toward gender equality and honor the achievements of women worldwide and at work!

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Here at Kits by Food Craft, we believe in fostering an inclusive and fun workplace culture, and what better way to do that than with some fun and engaging icebreaker questions? Although, let's be honest, sometimes starting conversations can feel a bit…awkward.

Fear not! We've got something to help break the ice and spark fun, meaningful conversations this IWD: ICEBREAKERS! 🧊🧊🧊

These conversation starters are a great way to connect with your colleagues, celebrate diverse experiences, and learn from each other. Whether you're in an office or a remote team scattered across the world, icebreakers can help build stronger connections and create a more inclusive and supportive work environment.  Think of this as a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is a simple question to spark meaningful conversations and create lasting bonds.

So ditch the usual "What did you do this weekend?" routine and get ready to connect, celebrate, and get to know your team!


1. Inspiring Women:

  • Who is a woman who inspires you, and why?  This question allows everyone to share their personal heroes, highlighting the diverse role models and leaders who have shaped their journey.

  • Think of a fictional female character who resonates with you. What qualities do you admire?  This question delves into the power of representation, and the qualities individuals find empowering in female characters.

  • What's one thing you admire about the women you work with? Celebrating the strengths and contributions of colleagues cultivates a culture of positivity and mutual respect in the workplace.

2. Celebrating Achievements:

  • What is a personal or professional accomplishment you are particularly proud of, and how did it shape you? This question allows space to celebrate individual triumphs and acknowledge the challenges overcome to achieve them.

  • Think of a woman in history who has made a significant contribution to your field. What is their story, and how does it inspire you?  This question fosters appreciation for the historical contributions of women and their impact on various industries and fields.

  • Share a story about a woman who has influenced your career journey. Personal experiences create connections and foster a sense of community by highlighting the different experiences that shape our paths.

3. Building Bridges:

  • What is one thing you wish more people knew about the experiences of women in the workplace? This question opens a safe space for honest discussion and helps individuals understand different perspectives.

  • Imagine a world where gender equality flourishes. What would that look like for you in the workplace? This sparks creative thinking and encourages the team to envision a more inclusive future.

  • What's a book or movie featuring a strong female lead that you'd recommend? Sharing recommendations opens doors to new perspectives and celebrates the diverse narratives of women in media and literature.

4. Fun & Games:

  • If you could have a virtual coffee date with any historical or fictional woman, who would it be and why? This lighthearted question adds a playful element while celebrating influential women.

  • IWD Word Scramble Give each team a list of words related to women's empowerment and have them unscramble them within a time limit. The first team to finish wins! This activity adds a competitive element while encouraging teamwork and promoting key concepts.

Keep in mind that these are just a few starting points! Feel free to change up these questions or come up with your own based on your team's specific interests. The most important thing is to create a safe and comfortable space for open conversation and celebration.


Want even more tips on creating joy and connection in the workplace?

We're all about building strong communities, and we'll be sharing more icebreakers and ideas throughout the year. 

We at Kits by Food Craft are proud to be an AAPI woman-owned business with a team that is mostly women. We're passionate about building strong communities and fostering connections, both within our team and in the workplace as a whole.

Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop! We can't wait to connect with you.

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