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Updated: May 29

a group of happy, multicultural women celebrating each other

Commencing every third week of February, National Entrepreneurs Week is an initiative to celebrate the entrepreneurial community in America. The initiative supports the core values needed for the growth of American entrepreneurs through diversity, inclusion, education, equality, innovation, and collaboration among the members of the community and external support.

As a woman-owned small business with Asian roots, flourishing the challenging hunches of running a business in New York City, and amid a pandemic, Kits by Food Craft aims to support small entrepreneurs and businesses. It has always been a part of our mission to encourage continued support for small businesses of the minority, entrepreneurs with disabilities, women of color, women who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and the like. In a 2022 article published by Forbes, it is said that women are a critical asset in economic growth. With this, it is high time to support businesses that loom economic growth and encourage employment and women empowerment. Check out our favorite picks of women-owned small businesses to support 2023 and the coming years!

above studio official banner showing a couple of models using their bag products

Growing up in Thailand, Above Studio is inspired by her roots, thus, giving birth to a small business of sustainable, traditionally-made, handwoven bags that set the trend of classic but fashionable bags.

the barb shop owners

The Barb Shop is a brainchild from the founders’ shared experience with their short-hair journeys where they find themselves not represented in spaces that were centered around the market of men. The Barb Shop encourages representation without boundaries through their gender-neutral products mainly hair pomade and other style gear.

koko the lab shop showcasing their products

Koko is a sustainable living shop believing in sustainability is everything. Their inspiration is rooted in convenient resources that its creators found easily inaccessible for a more sustainable lifestyle. They have introduced a wide range of products from personal, home, cleaning, and refillers.

a woman wearing clay rie jane's set of earrings

Run by a sole proprietor, Clay Rie Jane is a black-owned small business of polymer clay fashionable earrings. Each set of earrings is intricately crafted without compromising its quality and uniqueness.

hella awkward playcards for promotional ad

Brother and sister duo, Hello Awkward is a quirky card game for the awkward conversations you have always wanted to avoid or have meant to start. Their concept was fueled by the pandemic’s meager communication.

four women of color in a roam loud sport gears

Inspired and created for a lifestyle where brown skin is represented, Roam Loud is a brand that promotes the pursuit of valuing health and wellness. The brand also embodies women's empowerment through each piece.

petaluma's product for a promotional ad

Founded by a couple of furparents, Petaluma was established to provide better care for pets in the means of their necessity, that is food. The brand advocates for sustainable and organic pet food that would give the best nutrition while aiding care for the planet.

a custom cake by pure confections

Raising her Filipino pride in the world of confectionery, Chef Jes has been passionately helping make beautiful memories on a variety of occasions with her beautiful pastry creations specializing in handcrafted cakes.

filipinta diwata edition eyeshadow pallete

As distinct as its name, Filipinta Beauty started as a passion project by a New York-based Multimedia Designer, Hana together with her friend, Jasel in the Philippines. Combining their great minds, they have started to develop and produce products that represent the culture of the Philippines and the distinct beauty of Filipinas.

kabisera nyc's shop in new york city

Kabisera is a Filipino Cafeteria located in New York that is run by a Filipina Chef. Apart from serving Filipino food delicacies ranging from full-packed meals to desserts, Kabisera has also been welcoming to events homestead to the community of Filipino-American entrepreneurs in support of one another.

Kits by Food Craft is a multicultural woman-owned small business founded by a Filipina-American entrepreneur, Aimee, with her sister, professional Chef Allen, that offers virtual & in-person events. The brand takes pride in bringing teams, families, communities, and the world together with thoughtfully curated and planned food, drinks, and crafts class events with Do-It-Your-Own kits shipped internationally.

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