Top 23 Virtual Event Ideas for 2021 Holiday Socials

Updated: Apr 27


In these tumultuous times, working from home and hybrid working became the only options for the organizations to adjust and adapt to the consequences of Covid. Every company has invested in cultivated workplace culture. When a company possesses strength, relevance, adaptability in its workplace culture, it is more likely to embody a productive and resilient organization.

With a higher rate of employees working remotely now, it is no surprise that workers feel disconnected from the workforce, worse, themselves. And even when the company nurtures a more inclusive environment for everyone, more employees are still worried about being left out. A study even suggests that 50% of remote workers worry about exclusion. For companies to retain a long-lasting healthy relationship with their employees and a more flexible, diverse workplace, they need to consider valuing the organizations’ ideology for engagement.


Top 23 Virtual Event Ideas for the Holidays in 2021

Apart from the pandemic’s impact on businesses and employment, socializing is one of the aspects of our lives that have changed in so many ways. As all of us know, the crisis we are facing right now demands our utmost consideration to not engage with other people in avoiding the spread of this tragic virus. For workers, communicating with a remote team has been difficult. Although there are many ways to be unified, these methods didn’t spare employees from feeling overwhelmed. However, a survey suggests that 7 out of 10 businesses have switched to conducting their events virtually.

".. virtual events let you reconnect with your remote team safely at home."

Our current situation has been challenging on everyone’s well-being, specifically mental health. Giving an organization a chance to revitalize itself is an ultimate great move. But how will remote teams do it? Of course, virtual events let you reconnect with your remote team safely at home. With the holiday season drawing in closer, this list of virtual events for 2021 holiday socials is all you will ever need!

1. Virtual Happy Hour

Happy Hour is probably the favorite event organizations do. In the workforce, everyone is an adult. During holidays, adult beverages are a must. At Kits by Food Craft, we offer a virtual event where a remote team can make unique beverages. Our Cocktails and Mocktails virtual experience already include a kit with all the ingredients you need to make three cocktails and mocktails recipes. This experience is perfect for everyone who is into alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

2. Virtual Gift-Giving Party

For someone staying at home for work and missing the holiday thrill in the office, gift-giving is another virtual event suited in the holiday season. Another treasure we have at Kits by Food Craft is that we have our Tea Sampler Gift Kit. Relive the exciting gift-giving season at the office by participating in a virtual event where everyone can showcase the gifts they receive from anyone in the team!

3. Tipsy Holly Party

Tipsy Holly Party is an exciting virtual event fit for the 2021 holiday season, with a fun mixologist hosting the event. For kits that already include the concoction you need for this event, you book a Tipsy Bubble Tea virtual class with Kits by Food Craft. No need for the team to go outside and buy the ingredients required for the experience. All you have to do is wait for our kits to arrive at your doorstep (which is guaranteed fast), prepare yourself for a fun tipsy night exchanging “cheers!” and playing games with your colleagues!

4. Holiday Heist

If your team is up for a riddled challenge, then Holiday Heist it is! This virtual event game goes on for 90 minutes of guessing. The team will have to figure out the suspect for the stolen eggnog recipe. The remote team will be participating in solving puzzles and collecting clues. Sounds cool!

5. Dress-Up Holiday

When you are working remotely, it means not caring about what you wear. Because why not? After all, you’re at the comforts of your home, so it’s nice to wear your comfy clothes. But let’s ditch that for a moment and dress up for the team’s virtual event for 2021 holiday socials. Let your team feel the holiday season despite being at home by participating in a dress-up holiday virtual event. You can also find costume ideas from here. To take the event a notch, host a costume contest with a nice prize for the winner!

6. Kindness Quest

The holiday season is a time for empathy, generosity, and compassion. Kindness Quest is a type of virtual event that encourages gratitude and the essence of giving. The host in the event will guide you in the activities to aid a community while also creating a sympathetic culture in the workforce. At the end of this heartwarming virtual event, you and your colleagues should feel felicity.

7. Boba and Tea Making Class

One thing that we can all nod on about working remotely is that we are always eating. Since we are stuck at home, we are closer to the fridge and the kitchen (that I hate and love). And holiday socials without food are never victorious. Participate in a Bubble Tea Making Class while eating your favorite holiday snacks and sharing them with everyone (only now on-screen) while pairing them with superb bubble tea drinks. In the class, you will be creating four types of drinks that you can also share with your family at home while you’re on Zoom, talking about your other holiday plans with the remote team.

8. Holiday Card Making

It’s a tradition to send greeting cards to people close to you. From friends, neighbors to teammates, sending them a card to extend your holiday season’s greetings is touching. At Kits by Food Craft, we have a virtual class that will help everyone in the team explore a hidden talent. Calligraphy and Latte virtual event is exciting activity for the team. With kits that include all the materials needed for your calligraphy writing, you and your team can practice your writing skills. To top it off, the class also includes creating a golden drink for everyo//ne to sip in between writing. And when the time for card-giving comes, your recipients will be blown away by your personalized greeting card.

9. Virtual Holiday Theatre

Let the team participate in a virtual event that’s about watching top holiday movie picks. Experience the essence of the holidays season through hearing everyone’s thoughts and learnings from the movie list you watched. You can present these holiday movie choices to the team. And while everyone's at it, invite the families to watch the movies too. Tip: Pick movies that have real-life storylines to them.

10. Virtual Holiday Dinner Party

The holiday season is that time of the year when we get to delight in tasty dishes served on the table with fancy plates, cutleries, and decorations. Ahhh, what a sight to see! Even on pre-pandemic days, every workplace held their respective holiday dinner parties. With the pandemic at the front door, the team will resort to virtual events for 2021 holiday socials. And that includes hosting a virtual holiday dinner party. Try something new with Kits by Food Craft’s Sushi Rolling Class. In this experience, everyone receives a kit to create two umami sushi guided by our fantastic chef. While at the event, the team can exchange the best holiday memories with everyone!

11. Holiday Trivia

If you have a lot of experience with virtual events, you know that there is trivia of many sorts in every meeting. So, why not host a virtual party that is all about asking the remote team trivia questions about the holidays. In this particular event, you can divide the group into teams and test their holiday knowledge. To make it extra, ask the teams to come up with names derived from holiday terminologies. Check out these fun holiday trivia questions you can shoot the teams with.

12. Name That Tune: Holiday Edition

Do you remember walking down the streets and you hear the speakers blast “All I Want For Christmas Is You” or “Jingle Bell Rock,” and you’re suddenly reminded the holidays are here? I know, I miss the feeling too! We want to feel that again. Host a virtual event for your team that involves playing holiday tunes and letting them guess the title for each one. To make the event more fun, introduce a set of prizes for each win!

13. Holiday Work Station Decorating

When the season of holidays comes, working in an actual office is exciting. Everyone in the team looked forward to decorating the whole workspace. These times, remote teams only have their small area where they can work. So, to bring back good holiday memories, host a virtual event that lets the team decorate their work areas with materials available. Of course, it’s more fun when teams decorate their spaces simultaneously during the virtual event. And while decorating, everyone can share their thoughts and suggestions on making their workstations fancier! Tip: Create a holiday wallpaper that everyone can set as their background!

14. Silent Night Charades

Put a spin to your remote gathering by challenging the remote team in naming songs from a tune. Inspired by the traditional charades, this virtual event game is fun, exciting, and even beneficial for teams who frequently meet on links through reading body language. Tip: Get ideas from movies, song titles, Christmas characters, or anything tricky to spice up the event.

15. Guess The Gift

Everyone of any age loves presents, and the holiday season is the only time when we poke our curiosity into beautifully wrapped boxes. This time, as we try to cope with the work from home and the hybrid work setup, let’s give ourselves a chance to tickle our excitement again by participating in a virtual event idea of guessing the gift. Before the remote team goes live on screen, ask everyone to wrap a quirky object found in their homes and take a photograph of it. Slowly, the participant presenting the gift will remove the wrap little by little, giving the team clues on what the gift is.

16. Hot Sauce Making Class

One of the unique virtual event ideas for 2021 holiday socials you can book is a hot sauce-making class. If you’re having a virtual dinner party with your remote team as one of your holiday socials, then it is best when you have something to pair the dishes with. This virtual event hosted by Kits by Food Craft teaches everyone how to create three kinds of savory sauces. The event will also help bring the team closer by engaging in trivia questions, games, and sharing ideas. On top of that, each member has the chance to save their sauces to share with family at Christmas and New Year gatherings, thanks to the bottles included in the kit!

17. Pictionary: Holiday Edition

Pictionary is a virtual event game that lets one player draw a picture of a word given while the other teammates try to guess the word before the player finishes drawing the picture. This virtual event will challenge your team to draw scenarios from any movie.

18. Holiday Story Time

It has been a common practice around the world to tell stories at any holiday gathering. Hosting a Holiday Story Time with the remote team could be something everyone would want to do. From all the hustle and bustle, it’s time for everyone just to take a drink of a warm glass of tea while listening to someone share a story about their holiday treasures. Or the team can choose a couple or three holiday stories to narrate in the virtual event.

19. Holly Jolly Karaoke Night

We love listening to carolers every holiday season. As we have shifted to a new approach in our daily lives, so are the things we used to love doing and witnessing before the pandemic. With organizations sending their teams to work from home or adapting to a hybrid work arrangement, virtual holiday social events are now a must. Host a holiday karaoke night that will unleash the team’s talent for sin for something fun and out of the norm. Let the team loosen up a little by singing their hearts out with the most popular holiday songs!