Updated: Oct 25

The holidays are peeking! Get ready to party with the gang in these virtual & in-person experiences for 2022 holiday socials!

Zoom call

Our current situation has been challenging for everyone’s well-being, specifically mental health. Giving an organization a chance to revitalize itself is an ultimate great move. But how will remote teams do it? Of course, virtual events let you reconnect with your remote team safely at home. With the holiday season drawing closer, this list of virtual & in-person events for 2022 holiday socials is all you will ever need!

Hep Hep Hurray!

1. Virtual Happy Hour

Happy Hour is probably the favorite event organizations do. In the workforce, everyone is an adult. At Kits by Food Craft, we offer a virtual experience where a remote team can make unique beverages. This quarter, we want to share a taste of true Hawaiian fun with Tiki Cocktails and Mocktails. This experience is perfect for everyone who is into alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks!

2. Virtual Gift-Giving Party

For someone staying at home for work and missing the holiday thrill in the office, gift-giving is another virtual event suited to the holiday season. Another treasure we have at Kits by Food Craft is that we have a variety of DIY Kits you can gift a colleague (or even a loved one!). Relive the exciting gift-giving season at the office by participating in a virtual event where everyone can showcase the gifts they receive from anyone on the team!

3. Tipsy Holly Party

For a fun mixology event with kits that already include the concoction you need for this event, you book a Tipsy Bubble Tea virtual class with Kits by Food Craft. No need for the team to go outside and buy the ingredients required for the experience. All you have to do is wait for our kits to arrive at your doorstep (guaranteed fast), prepare for a fun, tipsy night exchanging “cheers!” and playing games with your colleagues!

4. Holiday Heist

If your team is up for a riddled challenge, then