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Updated: May 16

Skipping the in-person Thanksgiving Day celebration with the team? No problem! Here are the best virtual events for you and the remote team!

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Every year, on the fourth Thursday of November, the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA annually occurs. Thanksgiving Day is meant to celebrate the harvest of the year’s autumn season, and the blessings received from the past year. When the pandemic crisis first surged, many working individuals and business people were not prepared to absorb the abrupt changes within the organizations.

Research by Leslie Perlow of Harvard Business School revealed that interactions between colleagues during the pandemic were lost. Because of it, we are not allowed to engage in in-person just yet socially. But looking on the bright side, the importance of engaging an organization was remarkably harnessed during these trying times. And as we know it all, technology has made everything possible in building a bridge for teams to be involved in different virtual meetings.

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Exciting Virtual Events for Remote Work Thanksgiving Day Celebration

Now that times have changed, we all succumb to the idea of staying in our respective places or locations. The CDC even recommends the virtual Thanksgiving celebration. Thus, pushing many organizations to schedule a virtual setting for celebrating holidays such as Thanksgiving. I’m pretty sure the team is itching for epic ways to loosen up their work gauges a little. Let’s take a glimpse of the seventeen most exciting virtual events for remote work Thanksgiving Day celebration without a further say!

1. Thanksgiving Cook-Along

Since the possibility of celebrating Thanksgiving with your colleagues are low to impossible right now, it’s better if you book a custom event with Kits by Food Craft. Choose a quick and easy side dish recipe like a Maple Roasted Squash Salad or anything that the remote team has decided on the majority. After you book with us, we will mail out kits with the ingredients and procedure for the recipe. Plus, we have our extraordinary Chef to walk the team through the virtual event!

Woman creating salad

2. Tik-Tok Thanksgiving Dance-Off

Let’s admit it. When the pandemic started, we all learned and discovered our hidden talents and skills. We’re done past creating Dalgona coffee. Now, we’re all Tik-Tok talents. Thanksgiving is not only about being grateful, but it is also about being joyous. Hosting a virtual event for remote work Thanksgiving Day celebration where the team shows off viral dance challenges is fun to do. You can also collaborate with your family to show your colleagues you own your home dance floor!

Person Dancing

3. Virtual Thanksgiving Craft

Our lovely team in Kits by Food Craft offers a Calligraphy and Latte event the team will surely fall in love with. It’s perfect for a time of crafty thanksgiving by creating calligraphy notes paired with a heartwarming cup of our turmeric ginger latte. You won’t only channel your writing skills, but you can also share your handwritten thanksgiving gratitude cards with everyone close to your heart!


4. Virtual Thanksgiving Trivia Night

Everybody loves a trivia night, but only this time, it’s focused on Thanksgiving. Check out the top Thanksgiving Trivia Questions that the remote team will try to answer. Make sure to give them cool prizes for each win, like our DIY Bubble Tea Kit and the Chai Gift Box that’s perfect for the season!

Thanksgiving Trivia

5. Thanksgiving Talent Show

Let everyone showcase their hidden talents in this activity. Dancing, singing, or even showing something outrageous. Whatever that is that they consider a talent is worth sharing with everyone!

Person playing guitar

6. Thanksgiving Day Playlist

What’s the better way to revive the connection with your colleagues than sharing songs while sipping a nice cup of pumpkin spice latte in a virtual playlist event. All you have to do is request everyone to add two or three songs that remind them of gratitude or the fall season that they can talk about with the team during the playback.

Person listening to music

7. Virtual Sushi Workshop

Probably one of the most appealing activities you can participate in is the Kits by Food Craft’s Sushi-Rolling class workshop. Our super fun Chef will lead this virtual experience that will help you effortlessly create two sushi roll recipes. The Sushi-making class already includes a kit that will be delivered to you with all ingredients you must have.

Sushi Making Kit

8. Thanksgiving Mixology Event

Forget the sad part where you can’t celebrate Thanksgiving in person. Virtual events for remote team Thanksgiving day celebration, like creating three Tiki-inspired cocktails and mocktails will definitely be spot-on for the occasion. Not only that, our Kits by Food Craft team will provide kits that have all the ingredients you need for the virtual experience.

Cocktail and Mocktail Drinks

9. Share Native American History

Thanksgiving wouldn’t exist if not for our beloved Native American brothers, who introduced the Plymouth settlers’ ways to survive. Plus, did you know November also celebrates Native American Heritage? If there’s a way to give thanks, it’s honoring Native American history through a virtual event lesson with the remote team.

European giving food to Native Americans

10. Send and Share Thanksgiving Day Gifts

Another way to show gratitude to the ones who matter to us, like our colleagues, is by sending them Kits by Food Craft kits from our shop. We offer various gift items like our DIY Assorted Bubble Tea Kit that your team and their families will adore and share during your virtual Thanksgiving celebration.

Assorted Bubble Tea Kit

11. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt will get everyone engaged, even your kids! And it only involves the things found in your home, which makes it even better.

Woman laughing

12. Virtual Thanksgiving Trip

If you want to experience an educational Thanksgiving tour, Scholastic offers this virtual trip for your team and your family. Buckle up for a ride from where Thanksgiving was first observed.

Man biting wood

13. Create a Thanksgiving Drink

Here’s a virtual event suitable for the remote team and even your family. Everyone will undoubtedly love to join our signature Chai Masterclass virtual event. Nothing beats some good ol’ drink that’s bursting with spice infusion. Of course, it already comes with a kit that’s got everything you need (and more)!

A cup of chai

14. Thanksgiving Movie Marathon

If taking a break from work means doing a movie marathon with the remote team, count me in. Watching heartwarming movies that depict generosity and compassion would be a nice reminder for everyone on Thanksgiving. You can also create your Thanksgiving movie list from here.

Woman listening to music

15. Thanksgiving Custom Party

If everyone wants to indulge in something new, you have the coolest way to do that. Custom Kits is an experience by Kits by Food Craft that helps you bring your ideal custom Thanksgiving celebration to life. All you have to do is book with us, and we can arrange anything for the team. Whatever you want is possible!

A bowl of food

16. Attend Virtual Thanksgiving Parade

Enjoy this year’s Thanksgiving Parade by Macy’s in the comforts of your homes. This iconic and fabulous parade in New York is going online on NBC from 9 AM to 12NN EST.

Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade

17. Thank You Day on Thanksgiving

The essence of this day should also be about thanking your colleagues for many reasons. Ask them to write a thank you note for each team member that has made remote work better during the pandemic and share it during the virtual Thanksgiving day celebration. You can also send everyone an Energy Cleansing Kit as your gift of gratitude for their hard work to bring out their festive cheers!

Woman doing heart sign


Enjoying Thanksgiving Day Celebration Remotely

Things may have been different since the start of this dreadful pandemic, but it shouldn’t stop anyone from celebrating any holiday. Or any day that calls for feasts and cheers. We have missed a lot of incredible things during these times, but one thing’s for sure, we are all thankful for where we are and what we still have now. Kits by Food Craft not only offers an engaging and unique virtual experience but also gift packages you can send over to your work colleagues, family, or friends. After all, Thanksgiving Day is all about being grateful and recognizing the value of hard work and camaraderie.

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