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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

It’s the last hurrah of Summer! Are you still looking for reasons to celebrate? Here’s a list of 8 Exciting Reasons To Have Fun in August!

food craft DIY Kit with logo and brown sugar bubble tea with tapioca, metal straw, and kits by food craft logo

We’re at the last stop of Summer before we go all snuggled for fall. Even though we’re bidding goodbye to the radiant sunshine and the thrilling getaways, August is undoubtedly here to offer extra fun! Now before everyone goes back to their routine, let’s all try to have fun, shall we? Here are reasons why August makes celebrations and festivities even more exciting!

The Exciting Reasons You’ve Been Looking For

1. Family Fun Month

asian family posing for a picture

Every year, in August, the U.S Family Fun Month is celebrated to allow American families to spend time together in different activities. Family Fun Month reminds us to take a break from our life activities. At Kits by Food Craft, we curate experiences ideal for creating and improving bonds within corporate teams and with family and friends!

2. Friendship Week, August 15-21

3 guests showing their suminagashi creations during kits by food craft in-person event

Proclaimed in August 2011, the week is celebrated to observe the relationships built between communities, cultures, people, and individuals that create bridges and peace. Wherever your community is, this week calls for a beautiful get-together, whether in-person or in a virtual team-building setup. Host your team with various interactive events we organize at Kits by Food Craft. Our event expert will have everything ironed out for you!

3. National Girlfriend's Day, August 1

woman with her dog showing her Sushi Rolling DIY Kit

Calling all the sisters for life out there! It’s fun to know the first day of August starts with a celebration of all the girlfriends we treasure. Share a moment with your best gals by engaging in a girlfriends-only event party. Or, if you’re far apart, send them DIY kits like our Sushi Making DIY Kit or Assorted Bubble Tea Kit to show your love and appreciation. And let them know how much they mean to you in hand-written notes we will gladly do for you!!

4. National Women’s Day, August 9

a couple of friends showing their colorful moss wall art

Women across the world are globally honored every March for women’s month. But do you believe that women deserve to be celebrated each day? We agree! Although this day is an official holiday in South Africa, people worldwide have also embraced honoring the women of color who fought to gain equal rights. Extend your appreciation for your women acquaintances by hosting a virtual experience with DIY kits for adults to share stories and engage in an interactive Moss Wall Art event.

5. National Relaxation Day, August 15

energy cleansing kit with sage, feather, matchbox, tealight candle, palo santo

If you have been feeling worn out from life’s daily errands or the 9-hour work, this might just be your choice of fun in August. Sometimes without realizing it, life’s pressure is wooed by giving yourself time to relax, letting go of the guilt, and taking a moment to rest and breathe. Plan a holistic experience for yourself and your colleagues at an Energy Cleansing event. Our team will help you revitalize, rediscover the correct energies, and make you feel overall rejuvenated.

6. National Rum Day, August 16

cocktails and mocktails kit with ingredients and materials

Oh, boy. When every day's about hustling, you get thirsty for something to quench your need for refreshment. And there goes your reason– National Rum Day. Loosen up your boots a little and pause from your hectic days. Invite your colleagues to a delightful Cocktails and Mocktails event. If you’re worried about the trouble, save it. Our team at Kits by Food Craft will handle the details of your happy hour without the fuss.

7. World Humanitarian Day, August 19

a doctor checking a malnourished child with her mother

World Humanitarian Day is commemorated each year on this day to globally honor all humanitarian workers who have suffered and have been killed in their field of work. Apart from this, the day is also observed to encourage and give support to humanitarian workers who continue to serve the people for their good welfare. Here are a few ways to show your support for the cause:

  • Donate to humanitarian organizations

  • Reach out to leaders to ask for aid to support humanitarian causes

  • Volunteer and invite your friends or family to do humanitarian work in your community

8. National Dog Day, August 26

a family picture with their pet dog

Whoever said that the man’s best friend isn't worth celebrating is living a sad life. Dogs are family and friends! They make us fulfilled, loved, and everything in between. National Dog Day is for all dog owners to celebrate their companions, regardless of breed. Dogs deserve care, an abuse-free life, and a safe space to live happily. Take your dog for a walk. Give them treats like it’s their birthday!

Times come by like lightning. For a moment there, we were all excited to welcome Summertime like it’s our happy pill. The next thing we know, it’s our last shot to celebrate the vital energy the season has for us. The good news is that Kits by Food Craft doesn’t put a limit on enjoying the moment. We always look forward to meeting guests in our experiences all year round. Even sending DIY Kits to the world excites us more than ever! You never have to worry about being all caught up with your schedule because our team is always ready to plan a memorable experience for you, your colleagues, family, and friends!

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