Updated: Sep 14

The pandemic has had an enormous impact on employees and workplaces. All sorts of businesses have sent their teams remote, if not closed their doors. Two years into the pandemic, people have started to notice the pitfall’s long-term implications. The well-being and emotional threats dragged owners and employees to a losing end because of the many consequences the pandemic brought. Although for some, it is safe to say that the pandemic had its way of being beneficial when it comes to working remotely, for the most part, it has become a tumult of emotions that’s slowly eating them away.

According to a study by Kings College London, when people don’t feel well, they are most likely to be hesitant, unproductive, uninspired, and their performance deliberately fails. A survey also claimed a 16.85% scale of people’s psychological condition changes, for most, depression, due to the pandemic.

When you are in a remote work setting, there’s a battle of ups and downs. For a remote team, it is ideal to come up with propositions to keep the team revitalized. Working remotely can be good but let’s not scratch the idea of stress. Whether stressed at work or home, everyone deserves a little fun time to do away with those maddening feelings. In 2021, things seem to get a little better: some of the travel restrictions are being lifted, people are getting vaccinated, businesses are rising again, people are slowly getting back on track like usual. But for people in remote teams, getting back on track means virtually enjoying activities they usually do pre-pandemic.

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The Origin of Halloween

Halloween is a holiday celebrated every year on October 31st. Halloween 2021 lands on a Sunday. Halloween originated from the ancient festival of Samhain, where people put up bonfires and wore costumes believing that it would fend off ghosts and otherworldly spirits. Transpiring from its spine-chilling history, Halloween became a day where everyone gathered and had fun. Halloween has been associated with activities and objects such as “Trick-or-Treat,” “Jack-o-Lanterns,” “Skeletons,” and more. This year, I have gathered the coolest virtual Halloween activities that you and your remote team will be thrilled about. Check them out in the next section!

Halloween Wallpaper