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Updated: May 16

The kids are home this summer but you rather stay in to keep everyone safe. Here are some fun ideas to entertain your little one, activities that we hosted during our in-person, and virtual events that kids love!

Rainbow Crafts

What you need:

  • Paper plates

  • Markers

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Cotton Balls

  • Ribbon or Yarn


  • Cut the paper plate in half

  • Start coloring it with rainbow

  • Add some clouds by adding glue to cotton balls

  • Place them on the sides of the paper plates

Why do kids love it? Rainbows are always kid-friendly. This can be either a wall decor or a necklace like this! So easy to make and even adults would enjoy this crafting experience!

Kid with Homemade Rainbow Necklace

Fun tip: While they are coloring their rainbow, ask them what food they can think of. Ex: green is cucumber and purple can be eggplant!

Fruit or Vegetable Spring Roll

What you need:

  • Fruits

  • Vietnamese Wrappers

  • Lemon Juice

  • Sugar


  • Soak Vietnamese wrappers in water for 5 seconds

  • Cut your fruits lengthwise

  • Fold the wrapper similarly to how you would close a burrito

  • To prepare the sauce, mix 2 tbsp of lemon juice with 1 tbsp of sugar

Why do kids love it? Vietnamese wrapper has a good texture and a fun way to eat fruits! No mess cooking experience indeed.

Kits doing crafts

Fun tip: We love teaching kids about sweet and sour flavors when hosting this event. Try this exercise with your little one!

Science Experiment

What you need

  • Baking soda

  • Food coloring

  • Vinegar

  • Syringe (optional)


  • In a tray, add 2 cups of baking soda

  • Drop some food coloring into the powder-like dots

  • It is best if you have a syringe filled with vinegar, if not you can use a teaspoon

  • Pour vinegar into the food coloring dots in the baking soda tray

  • Watch how the vinegar and baking soda reacts!

Why do kids love it? This is a sensory activity that will definitely get them curious. It's fair to say that colors and bubbles will keep your child engaged.

Mother and child doing Arts and Crafts

Fun tip: Keep the food coloring away from your children. They would want more but it's best if you add it to them to avoid the mess!

Make Handroll Together

What you need:

  • Seaweed Paper

  • Vegetable

  • Rice


Why do kids love it? A fun way to eat vegetables. If your children don't like the taste of seaweed, try rice paper like this one or soybean paper.

Kid making Sushi Wrap

Fun tip: You can use any ingredients that you like and while it's best to season your sushi rice, you don't have to!

Decorate Cookies

What you need

  • Ready-Made Cookies

  • Frosting (store-bought works!)

  • Sprinkles

You can also get Cookie Decorating with our partner vendor, Chef Jess by Pure Confections, see here!


  • The frosting is easier to use and spread when its room temperature

  • Spread the frosting to the cookie

  • Add some sprinkles

Why do kids love it? Sugar and imagination!

Kid decorating cookie

Fun tip: I like to buy frosting with basic colors and this way, you can use this time for your children to learn about the color wheels. For example, if I want orange, what 2 colors should I mix? .....correct! Red and yellow.

Kits by Food Craft is hosting a FREE Virtual Summer Camp

August 1st - Magic Show for Kids by Ody Sto Domingo from the

Philippines Got Talent

Greatest Magician

August 8th - Easy Drawing for Kids

Children doing art

August 15th - Cookie Decorating with the option to purchase a kit!

Cookie Decorating Class

Materials and supplies for the class are minimal and available at home.

Your host, Alexandra Lim Chua-Wee, is an associate editor from Scholastic with a passion to create new ways to engage and educate the next generation.

Art and Craft Teacher Smiling

Our mission in Food Craft is to create joy and connection and we hope to share this with your children and make the summer memorable in the comfort of their homes!

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