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Updated: Oct 25, 2022

If you just want the lowkey vibe at home and work doing foodie frolics, you need this list of super quick & easy no-cook meals. Seriously, no cooking is required!

A bowl of salad with different fresh vegetables and mayo

Before you can even start relaxing, you’re already out of energy to cook for yourself or the family. It’s all due to the regular zoom meetings, remote meetings, and all sorts of tasks at work. Although wherever we are, we are cornered with food places for our seemingly quick and easy access to food we need for takeaway. The OG orange chicken, burritos, and our undying love for pizza sound interesting, but we need to skip the takeaway; Step up your game and learn something new at home! (While, of course, delighting your foodie selves!) Sometimes, you need a little lying low at the takeaway spending. Instead, get your hands busy preppin’ up some fancy munchies that don’t drain you and your pocket!

No-cook? No probs!

1. Tuna Salad for the fit check

A bowl of tuna salad

Starting off our list is a healthy light salad you can mix up for lunch or dinner. Oh, and it doesn’t have mayo to help you keep out of that high-fat degree. And it's loaded with fresh crunchy elements that are guaranteed to make you full! See the recipe here.

2. The Bravocado Toast

Three pieces of bread with avocado spread, avocado slices, boiled eggs, tomatoes. black sesame seeds, and corn plated on a wooden board

Seriously, you’re gonna beat Jamie Oliver’s 15-minute meal on this one. As the name suggests, all you would need are two main things: bread and avocado. In this recipe by Cookie + Kate, not only that you will learn how to make a super yum toast, but you’ll also get tips and tricks on how to amplify this toast!

3. Best Chicken Salad Sandwich of New Yolk!

A sandwich of chiken, lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on a wooden plate

It’s pretty agreeable that the chicken sandwich is one of our classic faves, and this recipe makes it great again. Got leftover chicken from yesterday’s lunch? Then you’re good to go. Check out Betty Cocker’s recipe.

4. Let’s Taco bout these Hot Sauces!

three homemade hot sauces with dried chili peppers on a wooden board

I don’t know about you, but for us, that one condiment that we couldn’t live without is hot sauce. Isn’t it a bummer when you’re excited to eat your heart out, but then one bite of that supposedly sumptuous taco or quesadillas just doesn’t click? Save the day with this homemade Hot Sauce recipe. It’s got all the things you need to create crazy good, fiery, savory sauces for your snacks and everyday meals!

5. Hasselback Club I love from head tomatoes

Clubs of tomatoes, lettuce, ham, and bacon

After all the day’s errands, it’s nice to head back home and stay settled in your cozy bed. But if you’re tired of the takeaway or want the no-fuss meal, this Hassleback Tomato Club by Tablespoon is your way to go, and you can even make them with your kids for a little time together!

6. Spring Rolls, not gender roles

fresh spring rolls of vegetables, meat, chives, and sauce in the middle

We found this refreshing recipe that will fill you up. These are rolls where you get your protein and a few veggies to balance it out, giving you different levels of texture and delight. Here’s how you can make them at home.

7. Just a-maize-ing, peachy Chaat

a couple of plates with sliced onions, corn, mint leaves. peaches. and chaat

Oooh, talk about summer! If you’re a fan of Indian food, we found this beautiful feature of chaat with corn and peach. It’s something you’re gonna get yourself making when you’re craving a tangy and savory bowl of snack or appetizer as what chaat authentically is.

8. Show em how you roll!

three pieces temaki sushi with tuna, cucumber, avocado, black sesame seeds,  wrapped in nori and soy sauce

We can’t wrap this list without sushi. Sushi is one of the world’s best comfort foods, and we agree! On our webshop, you will find our most-loved DIY Sushi Kit packed with everything you need. No worries about the rice, you can set that aside for future use. Go grab your cauliflower to make cauliflower rice. Simply chop it into pieces, and add lime, olive oil, and salt to taste. Talk about innovative Sushi Rolls, right? Just incredible!

9. How dip is your love for kimchi?

a plate of fresh cucumber slices, pretzels, chips with dip of kimchi

We’d like to wrap up our list of super convenient recipes with this creamy kimchi dip that’s mind-blowing good. And if you have your favorite brand of kimchi ready at home, then all you need more is a bar of cream cheese. Ah! We could just imagine the flavors dancing along together!

A team that cooks together works well together!

Because most of us are somehow caught up with our daily lives working in the corporate or running our businesses, sometimes the only resort we opt for is food that is fast, ready to go, and easy to put in the microwave. Although that sounds pretty convenient, we want to strongly promote a more healthy approach to consuming food by making it on your own without taking much of your time and requiring a lot of resources.

a corporate team participating in an in-person event of Spring Rolls making with Kits by Food Craft

At Kits by Food Craft, we are about efficiency, convenience, and fulfillment. Now that you've explored some great no-cook recipes, invite your team to light cooking sessions of Sushi Rolling, Hot Sauce Making that are chef-approved and taste divine, or a custom event your team desires!! We have also curated DIY Kits that match the lifestyle you have. These varieties of kits for your refreshment needs, snacking, and even self-care includes premium ingredients and materials to make at home while enjoying your time alone or with your family. Do something out of the ordinary. Talk to our expert today to plan the next stress-free cooking sesh with the team!

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