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Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Haven’t found time to celebrate Summertime? We’ll help you make it happen with these 9 reasons to have fun in July!

group of friends celebrating 4th of july making a toast with their cups in american flag design

While everyone has plans to enjoy their itinerary for the Summertime madness, some of us are still unsure of what, how, and when to find the best excuse to spare time to loosen up in the perfect season. You’re not one to succumb to it’s a wrap, let’s call it a day type, right? The warmest season gets everyone thrilled to do just about anything refreshing and invigorating. Therefore, we can’t afford to let you have dread! Though the season starts in June, we still have a lot of time to catch up on the blissful days in July. Come on, don’t worry about missing out on cloud nine. We’re here for the great stuff, and we certainly love sharing our best-loved reasons to celebrate July, so take a good read of this!

Now’s the time to have fun!

Your day-to-day schedule may be hectic, or you’re caught up with the work-life balance, but don’t hit the break yet! We want you to buckle up for a full-throttle Summertime felicity with activities. We made sure this list comprises fun family activities or fun team-building activities. We’re celebrating food, booze, family, friendship, causes, and everything awesome in July!

1. Made in the USA Day, July 2

kits by food craft team poses with pride moss wall art event guests and giveaway winners while holding their own moss wall art creations

Kicking off our list with a commemorated celebration in the early years of 1989. Made In The USA Day is a day for consumers and manufacturers to boost, support, and feature local products. The celebration encourages the production and promotion of items in America. On top of that, it also supports all types of ventures, from small businesses to industry tycoons that support employment and services to the community. Here are ways to celebrate today:

  • Purchase American-made products for you, your team, or your loved ones.

  • Support small businesses. Kits by Food Craft is a multicultural women-owned small business that offers virtual and in-person experiences and DIY Kits that are sustainable to the community and eco-friendly.

  • Donate to organizations that help connect consumers with American-made products.

2. Independence Day, July 4

3 hot sauce recipes with dried chillis from kits by food craft hot sauce making experience

Independence Day is the biggest celebration of July. Americans come together to commemorate history and liberty on the 4th of July through a feast. Did you know you can show patriotism through an interactive shared experience? If your 4th of July plan is about staying at home or your team is considering having the festivity even in the workplace throughout the month, the possibilities are endless. At Kits by Food Craft, we invite you to join us for a Hot Sauce Making experience you can enjoy together. The Fourth wouldn’t be complete without a feast. And you certainly need homemade spicy sauces to keep things exciting. Plus, it’s informative with fun facts in a fully-organized virtual experience and in-person classes with a fantastic team that makes everything less intimidating!

3. World Chocolate Day, July 7

One interesting reason to have fun in July is World Chocolate Day, which means we can indulge in every bite of that rich cocoa goodness. In this case, we could be right. After all, who doesn’t love chocolates! Your flavor preference may be sweet, bitter, smooth, or sometimes even with a hint of mint, but we can all agree that chocolate is divine. A pleasant Chocolate Truffle experience might just make any day brighter for chocoholics. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience with kits to create three truffle flavors without baking; Just messy hands, fun peer, and a celebration game changer!

4. National Sugar Cookie Day, July 9

sugar cookies decorated in fun summer-themed icings

Guilty pleasures? Why not! A celebration of the classic and delicious treat that has been on the list of all-time faves for centuries. Sugar-filled, with icing on top, or just as it is, this goody is loved by all ages. Think about what fun thing to do this summer to spend quality time together with your kids, maybe even for fun team-building activities. The answer is simply a winsome Cookie Decorating experience with kits included in any beginner-friendly theme you wish and suitable for any age (although we really think the kids will beat you at the decorating show-off!).

5. World Day for International Justice, July 17

people protesting about the killings in the philippines while holding the victims' pictures

Held each year on this day is an effort to honor and support the victims of injustice worldwide. Many parts of the world face their most significant challenges rooted in wars and crimes against humanity. The most vulnerable of these are the children and women. Today is a celebration of the significant steps the international tribunal for justice has taken. Take a look at two ways to show support for this cause:

  • Remember the victims and acknowledge their struggles. Use social media to spread awareness on current issues surrounding justice and reach out to victims who need most of the world’s support.

  • Support the cause by donating, volunteering, or joining organizations keen to fight injustices and promote every victim’s right to justice. This includes women, children, and human rights.

6. National Junk Food Day, July 21

google team posing for a picture during their in-person bubble tea making experience with the food craft team

Today is an exception to the days wherein you avoid calories. Enjoy your favorite snacks without guilt. Chips? Summer finger food? Have them paired with homemade goodness you can create at your pace in our Bubble Tea Making in-person experience. Enjoy the excellent flavors of our unique boba tea drink recipes to make your snacking and meal experience phenomenal.

7. National Parents’ Day, July 24

baby boy and his mother showing off their moss wall art creation during the kits by food craft in-person pride event

In a list where everything is our favorite, National Parent’s Day is ultimately our favorite. It is the only day we can show our dear parents a little more TLC. Gift your parents DIY Kits that are valuable to them. From care packages to food and drink kits, you have options to honor them through gifts. And even when you’re miles away from home, we will ensure they feel you’re home.

8. National Refreshment Day, July 28

kits by food craft 3 homemade sauces in mango, brown sugar and agave-ginger flavors

What other timely celebration should we expect in Summer than a day for refreshments? After all the hustle and bustle, we believe finding time to cool down and find a much-needed destressing experience to recharge ourselves is quintessential, like our mixology classes. At Kits by Food Craft, we offer a range of homemade premium flavored (Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Brown Sugar) & spiced syrups for any alcohol and non-alcoholic concoction. We use only the freshest and most natural ingredients to create delicious syrups for your go-to drink.

9. International Day of Friendship, July 30

a couple of friends showing their suminagashi creations

Wrapping up our list is the day of friendship that the UN designated. The UN also encourages communities to participate in activities that promote unity, understanding, reconciliation, and comfort. The world becomes a better place to live in when you know you have a peaceful relationship with yourself and the people around you. As a team that values joy and connection, our experiences and DIY kits are thoughtfully curated to create lasting memories through engagement, diversity, and inclusion.

Time is of the essence. Iron your plans now before Summertime packs up. If you’re unsure of how to get things done, Kits by Food Craft does the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is give us a call, talk to our event expert, and relax!

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