Every once in a while, it pays to have a team-building activity to help boost morale and keep your team’s spirits up. It also provides an opportunity to form new friendships and strengthen workplace relationships.

kits by food craft in-person moss wall art event

If you’re around New York City and are looking for team events to attend with your work companions, check out this list we compiled for you!

8 Fun Things To Do With Coworkers In NYC

Go On A Food & Drink Experience

kits by food craft cookie decorating in fall theme and in-person event of tipsy bubble tea-making with a corporate team

From hands-on cooking classes, private chef experiences, and various food-tasting events, there are lots of unique food experiences you can embark on in New York City. You can check out Kits by Food Craft’s Cookie Decorating Class, where you can decorate freshly-baked cookies and learn various decorating techniques like flooding, wet-on-wet, and marbling. Eat your cookies for dessert, or share them with a friend.

Fan of boba? Then the Bubble Tea Making Class is the one for you! Find out how you can cook the perfect tapioca pearls and enjoy not one, not two, but three homemade bubble tea recipes!

Indulge In The Arts

kits by food craft japanese art events. from left to right: suminagashi, furoshiki. and origami

Aside from satisfying your team’s love for food, you can also spark their creative side with various art classes around the NYC area. Science has long proved that by creating art, stress levels can drop exponentially.

Kits by Food Craft have exclusively curated traditional Japanese arts and crafts for a new unique experience that’s the first time for your team. Our most-loved Suminagashi experience might be the one for you for a more relaxed event. You might also want to check out our Experience by Demand teambuilding activities like Furoshiki cloth-wrapping class just in time for the gift-giving season or Origami to spark a challenge within the team!

Museum Scavenger Hunt

a lady standing in front of a painting in a museum

You can do this at any New York City museum since all you need for this activity is a customized map and unique tasks like custom questions, trivia, and photo challenges.

Some of the museums you can visit in New York City include:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • The American Museum of Natural History