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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Fed up with all the silly icebreakers you do during virtual meetings? Here are 7 unique ice-breaking activities you might want to try next!

man layering a drink using a bar stirrer

The recent pandemic was one of the biggest perils the professional world has ever faced. On top of paralyzing the workplace, COVID backed the office into a corner of virtual workspaces and, worse, a chasm of awkward ice breakers to kick-off Zoom meetings.

From playing the age-old “Two Truths and A Lie” to having an insightful “Rose, Bud, Thorn'' mindfulness icebreaker, if your team is like ours, then you’ve pretty much exploited all available icebreakers in the book. Since these icebreakers strengthen the bond within the team, letting your warm-up sessions go stale is the last thing you want.

So if you’re looking to spice your team’s ice breakers for virtual meetings, spending an hour or two in a virtual mixology class will change your life!

But first…

What are Virtual Mixology Classes?

As defined by Mixology Events UK, mixology is the skill of mixing various drinks and ingredients to produce cocktails. Mixology courses allow talented bartenders to introduce students to the fascinating world of bartending, create the perfect concoction, and apply modern-day twists to timeless cocktail classics.

A virtual mixology class follows the same route but is delivered through an online medium. While all mixology information is accessible with a single Google search, having a pro mixologist guide you through the process is a different, far superior experience. That’s precisely why virtual mixology classes are some of the coveted ice breakers for virtual meetings.

Below are some of the mixology courses you should try!

7 Best Virtual Mixology Class Ideas for Teams

1. Latte & Trivia

golden latte with cinnamon, star annise, trumeric. and lemon

This coffee mixing experience is a refreshing new take on your company’s coffee connection activities. Instead of a regular chat over a piping hot cup of joe, the team gets to experience concocting 3 unique latte recipes wrapped inside our Latte & Trivia event:

  • Turmeric Ginger Latte

  • Taro and Oreo Latte

  • Mocha Cinnamon Latte

Plus, get hooked on the activity as you engage in fun food and drink trivia from around the world. Everything you need is packed inside, simply provide the hot water, and you’re good to go!

2. Bubble Tea Making

kits by food craft bubble tea making set featuring brown sugar bubble tea with brown sugar syrup and a snake plant

The beauty of a virtual mixology class is that it’s not limited to cocktails and mocktails. You may freely explore other mixes and immerse in various cultures through the concoctions you develop! Take our Bubble Tea Making Kit, which packs the whole virtual experience of making boba drinks. Aside from the actual preparation, you’ll also learn fun facts about boba and dive into its rich Taiwanese origins — a holistic bubble tea learning experience like no other. Get to make three unique summer boba refreshments with the kit:

  • Layered Passion Fruit Jelly Tea

  • Matcha Brown Sugar

  • Assam Taro Milk Tea

3. Tipsy Bubble Tea Making

kits by food craft tipsy bubble tea drinks in three flavors

Want to take your boba drink up a notch? Tipsy bubble tea making allows you to infuse alcohol with your conventional sweet tapioca drink. Transform your simple ice breakers for virtual meetings into a happy hour (but not too happy). Inside the Tipsy Bubble Tea Making Kit are three booze-infused boba drinks that retain their refreshing semblance while giving you the satisfying kick that alcohol offers. There’s:

  • Mango Lime Bobarita

  • Assam Taro Baileys

  • Cinnamon Rumchata

On top of concocting the unique drinks, get to experience a lively demo from an expert mixologist that will provide fun facts on the famous summer drink!

4. Cocktails & Mocktails

food craft cocktails and mocktails kit featuring the products included in the package

Ah yes, cocktails — the paragon of every virtual mixology class. Our Cocktails and Mocktails Kit celebrates the best of Japan’s most authentic flavors. Inside the kit are three signature mixes emblazoned by Japan’s famous Yuzu and Matcha piquancy:

  • Zengarita

  • Coco Passion Spritz

  • Tokyo Mule

Everything you need is packed inside. Simply provide access to some common household amenities like glasses, plates, and running water, and you’re set. If you’re not keen to be boozed up early in the day, we can offer a 200 ml Seedlip non-alcoholic spirit substitute for your mocktail mixes!

5. Build Your Own Mixology Kit

kits by food craft custom box

Crafting mouth-watering cocktails from pre-prepared mixology kits is good enough. But nothing beats getting to build your own kit made up of your preferred ingredients and the booze of your choice. In this virtual mixology class, you’ll have the opportunity to customize the content of your kit, so you have full control of what cocktail you want to master. You can go back to basics with a classic rum Daiquiri and Margarita or go full throttle with a glass of Bloody Mary as long as we can source the ingredients. Expect our expert host to impart the fundamentals, so your team can learn to craft anything in the future. A perfect way to turn icebreakers for virtual meetings into a DIY cocktail project of your choosing!

6. Free Youtube Mixology Masterclass

man looking at the different alcoholic beverages and spirits

The web is an infinite resource of lessons about anything under (and beyond) the sun, including mixology lessons. You can always access a free virtual mixology class online if you’re on a tight budget to grab one of those mixology kits. Celebrity bartender Jeff Solomon teaches how to mix every possible cocktail in this Youtube video from Epicurious. He mixes the ageless classics starting from Manhattan to Sazerac, even down to the unusually named Mexican Firing Squad Special. If you’re keen to try these icebreakers for virtual meetings, it’s best to find the specific drink you like and provide the required ingredients to the team members. Albeit an extra workload on your part, everyone gets to enjoy a budget happy hour without the experience of feeling cheap!

7. Shaken & Stirred Program

two people making a toast with their drinks

Teaching a virtual mixology class is one thing, but pitting workplace teams against each other in a “Chopped”-style (yes, the popular cooking show from the Food Network) cocktail competition is a whole new realm of ice breakers for virtual meetings. Shaken & Stirred invites virtual teams to learn the fundamentals of making cocktails. But the participants get to immediately apply their learning as they formulate and present their own cocktail before the mixologist drops the verdict on which team wins. It’s a fun team-building activity for the team. and no need to worry about confidence because you’ll kick things off with a welcome cocktail to "get the creative juices flowing.”

Kits by Food Craft is all about giving the best virtual experience on food, drinks, arts, and crafts to people avail of each package. Whether you’re a team looking for exciting ice breakers for virtual meetings or an individual seeking new adventures, say, a virtual mixology class, you won’t regret giving us a shot!

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