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Bubble Tea Making Activity in DFW
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IN PERSON | Homemade boba experience made fresh with unique flavors


includes 1-hour live demonstration, materials, and domestic shipping of the materials on site.

Your Experience:

Tickle your tastebuds with a fusion of flavors in boba classics through a fun-filled bubble tea-making class in DFW! Learn tips & tricks to cook the perfect tapioca pearls, create unique recipes, and boba fun facts as you dive deeper into its history; A true celebration of cultures in a go-to drink!

Your Menu:

Live Demo

  • Layered Passion Fruit Jelly Tea (Decaf)

  • Mint Taro Milk Tea (Decaf)


  • Matcha Brown Sugar

What You'll Learn:

  • Three homemade bubble tea recipes

  • Fun facts and boba history

Your Kit:

  • Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Bag (Decaf)

  • Mint Tea Bag (Decaf)

  • Pure Matcha Powder

  • Lime Citrus Packet

  • Non-Dairy Creamer

  • Taro Mix

  • Brown Sugar Syrup

  • Passion Fruit Syrup

  • Tapioca Pearls Topping

  • Rainbow Jelly Topping

  • Stainless Straw and Brush

  • Featured Snack

  • Pre-Event Instructions & Recipe

On Site Location To Provide:

Disposable Materials

  • Spoon - 1 per person

  • 16 oz Cups - 2 cups per person

  • Hot Drink Cup - 1 cup per person

  • Ice Cubes - 16 cubes per person

Access To

  • Hot Water - 2 cups per person

  • Cold Water - 2 cups per person

  • Sink

  • Paper Towels

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do we need access to the kitchen?

    • We don't need full access but access to hot water is required. Cooked tapioca pearls will be provided by the host.

  • Is there an additional fee for teaching the class on-site?

    • A $100/host transport fee will be added to your bill. Each class typically has two hosts.​

  • If I don’t have event space, how much will be the extra fee if we are to rent a space from your venue partners?

    • Event space fee starts at $250 for a 2-hour event.​



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